5 Summer Foods to Help You Cool Down -- and Slim Down!

Denise's Blog, Summer 2014

Hi, everyone!

Hope you are all managing to stay cool in this hot weather we’ve been having! When the temperatures creep up, I like to slim down my menu, especially if I’m spending a lot of time outdoors. Foods that cool you down tend to be very low-calorie, so they’re great for weight loss as well! These five light and delicious foods are super high in water content, so they will keep you hydrated and feeling breezy for very little calories!

Watermelon. It’s prime season for a big, juicy watermelon! This fruit should be a staple at all of your outdoor barbecues and picnics. Not only are they super affordable right now, but watermelon is a hydrating and low-calorie way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Place slices in the freezer for a few minutes to let them get nice and cold before you serve.

Greens. Step away from the stove and toss together a salad instead. Salads are my go-to summer meal — light, fresh and delicious! Who wants to be standing in a hot kitchen in the dead heat of summer? Stock up on a bunch of greens (stores are filled with all sorts of varieties right now) and have them ready to throw together for a quick and easy lunch. Top with whatever veggies, fruits and lean proteins you have on hand!

Cucumber. Have sliced cucumbers on hand for when the munchies hit! They’re great as dippers in salsa and hummus. Not only are cucumbers a hydrating, slimming snack to nibble on, but I also love tossing them in my ice water for a fresh sip on a hot day — it reminds me of the spa!

Grapefruit. Enjoy half a grapefruit with breakfast — it’s a light, juicy and delicious pick for the sweltering days of summer. And there are a few exciting studies that show grapefruits can help dissolve fat and cholesterol, making them a smart snack if you’re trying to lose weight. Grapefruit can also be delicious when chopped up and tossed in a summer salad. Yum!

Iced green tea. I love making big batches of green tea and having it chilled in the fridge. Numerous studies have confirmed that sipping green tea can aid in weight loss, since it’s filled with phytochemicals that help you burn more calories. I like to enjoy my green tea over ice in the summer for a refreshing beverage. What a perfect drink to have on hand for when guests stop by!

What are your go-to foods for the dog days of summer? I’d love to hear!


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