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Exercises for Seniors!
Denise is on a national tour with Rite Aid, promoting health and wellness for seniors ages 65+! In this clip, she demonstrates easy exercises that older people can do to strengthen their muscles easily.
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NBC Charlotte Today, September 2013

7-Minute Fat-Blasting Solutions!
No time to exercise? No problem! In this segment Denise shares 7-minute slimmers from her book Side Effect: Skinny — Plus, introduces Cheri, who has lost 40 pounds on Denise’s diet plan!
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The Doctors, April 2013

The Best Exercises to Blast Fat
No more exercise excuses! In this segment Denise gets the hosts up and moving as she offers solutions to the most common fitness obstacles — from beating fatigue to squeezing workouts into a busy schedule.
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Fox & Friends, March 2013

How To Stay Fit As You Age
Denise is redefining "skinny" with her new book, Side Effect: Skinny. In this segment she shares her best tips for staying sexy, strong and confident, even as you get older!
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The Couch, March 2013

Foods That Can Keep You Physically Fit
Denise stopped by the set to share foods that can help you lose weight, strengthen your heart and keep you fit — plus delicious recipes from her book, Side Effect: Skinny.
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Access Hollywood Live, February 2013

Denise on The Doctors
Denise shared her favorite weight loss foods for 2013 — plus, surprising ways to reduce calories at your favorite Mexican, Chinese and Italian restaurants!
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The Doctors, January 2013

Easy Exercises to Achieve a New You
Get solutions to your most stubborn body issues – Denise shares easy moves to target holiday bloat, baby weight, thunder thighs and more!
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Fox & Friends, December 2012

Fit Kids, Fit Families
Denise stopped by CBS studios in Atlanta to lead the kids of the Boys & Girls Club of America in a fun, heart-pumping fitness routine.
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CBS Better Mornings, November 2012

Staying Fit in the Workplace
Think you can't fit in exercise at work? Think again! Denise showed the Express staff easy ways to get moving right at your desk.
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The Washington Post, March 2012

CBS Baltimore: Coffee With: Denise Austin (3/5/2012)

Denise Austin and the "No Gym" Workout (2/2/2012)

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