Denise's Photo Album

Through the Years…

I thought you would enjoy flipping through my personal photo album filled with fun times with my family, highlights of my fitness career, and more!
With the Marines
I love giving back to our troops... they are truly inspiring! Here I am with some of the Marines and their mascot Chesty!
A Lifetime Fan!
I met Joyce in Orlando. She's been exercising with my DVDs every day since the 1980s! Now she's 71 years old, and she still looks amazing. So glad I got to meet this inspiring woman!
Natural Wellness
As Nature Made's Wellness Advisor, I do plenty of publicity events. Here I am at Sam's Club in Worcester, Mass., signing autographs and having fun with my Nature Made friends!
Meet and Greet!
In this photo, I'm in Minneapolis with the Nature Made team, promoting health and wellness to employees at SUPERVALU. As you can see from my smile, I just LOVE meeting fans!
Skechers Fans
Recently I visited Academy Sports in Knoxville, Tennessee for a Skechersevent. I'm a national fitness spokesperson for SKECHERS, a brand that's inspiring men and women everywhere to embrace a more active lifestyle!
Cardio Couple
I was so thrilled to meet Laura, the Grand Prize winner of my Everyday Fitness Challenge! Part of her prize was a one-on-one workout with me in beautiful Washington, D.C. We invited her husband, John, to join in on the fun — and he was a great sport! What a blast it was to work with this special husband-and-wife team.
Sweat and Smiles
After the workout, member Laura and I spent time mugging for the camera. I also presented her with a gift pack: signed copies of some of my favorite exercise DVDs!
Race for the Cure
The Susan G Komen 3-day Race for the Cure is a 60-mile walk over three days to benefit breast cancer research. I spent time with the people in Washington, D.C. who were doing it. They were totally amazing!
Book Signing
I met Nancy at the Barnes and Noble store in Tampa, FL. She lost 12 pounds and 2 inches in just a month, and loves my new book Side Effect: Skinny! Keep up the great work, Nancy!

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