Denise's Photo Album

Through the Years…

I thought you would enjoy flipping through my personal photo album filled with fun times with my family, highlights of my fitness career, and more!
Riding High
As always, here I am squeezing in some fitness! President George W. Bush was on this calorie-blasting bike ride with me.
Me and the Walrus
Who says you can't teach an old walrus new tricks? I'm teaching this one how to do pushups at San Diego's SeaWorld — not an easy thing to do, but it sure was fun!
Drop and Give Me 20!
Get creative during your morning walks! I love going for walks with my girlfriends. Here's a photo from one such walk, during which we stopped halfway through to do 20 push-ups. Amazing way to start the day!
Skechers Charity Event
Here I am last year with Brooke Burke—host of Dancing with the Stars! We were both emcees for the SKECHERS Pier to Pier Walk in Manhattan Beach, California. Over 7,000 people participated in the walk for the Friendship Circle — a wonderful charity that helps provide education to children with special needs. We raised over half a million dollars!
Walking Through D.C.
My friend and I recently took an energizing 5-mile walk all around the tidal basin to enjoy the magnificent cherry blossoms in DC. It was beautiful!
Flash Mob in Philly!
Having some fun in Love Park by City Hall with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America at the start of our journey around Philadelphia! We had so much fun driving around town in celebration of Rite Aid's 50th anniversary.
Ready, Set, Action!
Here I am in Hollywood filming my latest exercise DVDs. So many months of planning came together, from the choreography to make these routines fun and effective, to working meticulously on the music for the perfect beat and from the design of the set to the training and practices.
Forever Fit With Rite Aid
This is from my fall photo shoot, where I filmed all the promotions for my brand new fitness accessories line, Forever Fit, available exclusively at Rite Aid! From yoga mats and wrist weights to dummbells and pedometers, the line includes everything you need to get in shape!
On the Airwaves
In 2008, I took a dream vacation to Australia with my family, and it was absolutely amazing! I took some time out from sightseeing to visit four of the top radio stations Down Under! I got to meet some fun people and promote my workout DVDs – an experience I'll never forget.
Working for Wellness!
I love being a wellness ambassador for Rite Aid! Here I helped kick off the "summer of wellness" in Buffalo, N.Y., and snapped a picture with my Forever Fit line of fitness products.
The Revlon Run 2013
Here I am having a blast at The 20th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in L.A.! I led more than 40,000 people in a warm-up for a great cause!
Running for a Cause
Me with Emma Stone, Revlon ambassador, at the 16th annual EIF REVLON Run/Walk for Women in New York City!

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