A Great Workout Deserves a Great Snack!

If you're like me, you sometimes need a little energy booster before or after you work out. After all, exercise is hard work!

When you're grabbing a snack before or after your workout, remember to pick something that's healthy! You don't want to replace all the calories you're either going to burn or have just burned! Some options are veggies, fruit, part-skim cheese sticks, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt, a piece of toast or a small bagel, some whole-grain breakfast cereal, and a piece of pita with hummus or bean dip. These are all smart, low-calorie ways to replenish your energy.

Remember to stay hydrated, too! Water is always the best choice, so drink plenty before and after you work out. If you need something with a little more substance to keep you going, try a glass of skim milk! It has the nutrients you need, but it doesn't have all the sugar you'll find in those fluorescent-colored energy drinks. Now, that's the way to hydrate!

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