How to Get Your Family Moving

Q: After years of being inactive, I decided I was sick of feeling sluggish all the time and decided to start exercising regularly. Now I'm hooked! How do I get my husband and 10-year-old daughter moving, too?

A: Congratulations! Realizing the importance of exercise is one thing, but actually making the commitment to get fit — and healthy — is truly commendable! And it's fantastic that you'd like to encourage your family to exercise as well!

Don't worry, getting your family fit shouldn't require begging or bribes. Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym! Check out fitness DVDs that everyone can do together. Or pick out something that taps into their interests. For example, if your husband is a golfer, he might like a sport-specific DVD that features stretches and workouts that'll help improve his swing. Or maybe a weight-training DVD would be more up his alley. And if your daughter likes to dance, there are plenty of DVDs she can try. Consider my Fit Kids DVD; it includes fun hip-hop moves, speed drills, yoga poses, and stretching exercises.

You can also engage in some friendly competition. Go to the park and see who can speed-walk or run the fastest from point A to point B, or play a game of volleyball at the beach or pool.. You can also go biking together, throw around a Frisbee in the backyard, or go ice-skating. As long as the activity's fun, getting everyone moving will be a snap!

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