A Pedometer Can Help You Get Fit!

Whether you’re brand new to exercise or looking to kick your workout routine up a notch, a pedometer is one of the best fitness tools you can own. They’re easy to use and make tracking your body’s movement so simple and convenient. That’s why I made sure to include a Heart Health Pedometer in my Forever Fit line of fitness products, available at Rite Aid.

Why a Pedometer Can Work for You
The more you walk, the more cardio exercise you’re getting — and cardio exercise is crucial to losing weight, keeping your heart healthy, and getting your body slimmed down and toned up! A pedometer is a small, portable device that allows you to track your steps and distance whenever you’re wearing it, usually clipped to your waistband. It makes it easy to challenge yourself to work harder and increase the amount of exercise you’re getting. I love wearing mine all day long — not just when I’m exercising — so that I can make sure I’m moving my body enough throughout the day. After all, every little bit of movement can add up to big results!

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