Side Effect: Skinny — Denise Austin's Fat-Blast Diet

 In her newest book, on sale now, Denise Austin reveals all her secrets to  getting fit, healthy, and energetic for life!

It’s a common sentiment among all women: we want to be fit, we want to get healthy, and we want to have more energy to live our busy, beautiful lives. Denise understands women’s wants and needs, and the Side Effect: Skinny (Bird Street Books, Inc.), she shares her secret fat-blast diet tips and healthy, delicious eating plans, along with fun and effective workout regimens you can do right at home.

A culmination of Denise’s decades of research and experience getting real-life women to look and feel their very best, Side Effect: Skinny contains easy weight loss solutions and simple yet powerful methods that encourage women of all ages to stay fit, including:

  • Top Side Effect: Skinny foods — the best nutrient-dense foods for weight loss
  • Custom meal plans to help you lose up to 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks
  • Fat-blasting workout plans and easy 7-minute slimmers
  • Denise’s favorite family recipes and easy shopping lists
  • Simple solutions for on-the-go, busy women
..and so much more!

Side Effect: Skinny is now available everywhere books are sold! You can also order your copy online.

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