Melissa's Story

This mom of two is proud to finally be setting a healthy example for her two young children — after losing 55 pounds!






Park Ridge, IL

Weight Lost:

55 pounds

Major Motivation:

Sometimes I do slip up, but with Denise's help, I just keep on going. I will never let myself give up again!

The Struggle

I have always struggled with my weight. Growing up, I enjoyed eating and would always "clean my plate" at meal time. I was active as a child, but during my teenage years I lost interest in sports and physical activity. I was very self-conscious about my body, and felt like I could never get as thin as most girls my age.

I’m the mother of two boys, now ages 9 and 14, and gained a lot of weight (about 70 pounds) with each pregnancy. However, I did manage to lose the baby weight. It wasn't until after this that I really began to struggle. I became an emotional eater, and would eat whether I was happy or depressed; I turned to food for comfort. I also didn’t get any exercise. I completely gave up on trying to be thin, which was such a mistake: In a few months, I went from about 150 pounds to 204 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been. I was so uncomfortable and also worried that I was at risk for having a heart attack or stroke at a very young age.

In order to set a better example for my children, I realized that I needed to make a change. First, I overhauled my diet. I added lots of fruits and raw veggies, oatmeal and chicken. I stopped drinking soda, and cut down substantially on the sweets and white bread. I also started to drink two or three bottles of water per day and changed my portion sizes, which was very hard at first.

Finding the Motivation

I knew I needed to start exercising too. I’ve always liked Denise Austin because she is bubbly and energetic, and she looks fabulous. I began to use her Get Fit Fast videos, and I still exercise to them on a daily basis — I never tire of them! Within about three weeks, my clothes were looser and I could see muscle definition in my arms and legs. Denise is so encouraging that it made me want to keep on going. During the workouts, she kept me motivated to try my best.

I am now back down to 146 pounds, and I am so much healthier and in shape. Not only do I have much more energy for my kids, but I feel like a better person inside and out. Denise's fitness videos and positive message have helped me to change my lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, something that I have struggled with for so long. I still think about food and enjoy eating, but I never want to go back to my previous weight. I know that I can still have sweets, but in moderation. I watch portions and continue to exercise daily. Sometimes I do slip up, but I just keep on going. Tomorrow is a new day, and I simply start fresh. I will never let myself give up again!

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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