Rosemary's Story

A photo that showed Rosemary looking overweight and unhappy motivated her to pop in a Denise Austin video — and to eventually lose 50 pounds!






Schaumburg, Ill.

Weight Lost:

50 pounds

Major Motivation:

Do not give up! I simply put in one of Denise's exercise videos — that's all it took.

The Final Straw

I was active and ate very healthfully as a child — I loved fruits and veggies! I first started to gain weight in college. I felt tired and depressed. I ate very unhealthy foods, developed insomnia, and stopped working out altogether. Soon I just stopped going out with my friends, because I was too embarrassed about not taking more control of my life, health, and wellbeing. By age 23, I had gained more than 50 pounds and I didn't feel I could ever be happy with myself again.

That year, I went to a wedding, and saw a picture of myself afterward. I wasn't happy with the way I looked, but what hurt the most was how unhappy I was in the photo. I was only 23 years old, wearing a size 14 and weighing 171 at my heaviest, and I decided I didn't want to be this unhappy forever. I'd finally had it! I told my boyfriend that I was ready to make a life change, and I asked for his support and understanding.

A New Beginning

To start, I popped in a Denise Austin kickboxing video that my sister had left at our mom’s house. I got myself a new pair of gym shoes and workout shorts and began working out with Denise every day. I also began to eat lots of veggies, fruits, and fish, just the way I ate as a kid. Within three weeks, I began to see results -- and by the fourth week, I had already dropped two sizes! After six months, I was back to my high school dress size and weighed 120 pounds.

Family members were more than supportive; they were proud. Everyone wanted a Denise video, so I bought about a dozen of them and gave them out. Denise is very motivating and funny. She has spunk in her videos, which gets you going, and her choice of different workouts is great. I’ve tried many exercise videos and never had the success I've had with hers.

My whole life is different now. You wouldn't believe what it's like to go from that person who was afraid to go out to someone who loves to travel, lie on the beach, and spend time with friends. I feel great and have confidence — plus, I got married! Instead of shopping for clothes that will hide my weight, I now look for clothes that will fit my small frame. People say they barely recognize me, and then ask for all the details on how I lost the weight. My dream now is to do something related to fitness with my life, to help others the way Denise helped me.

Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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