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My online program has all the tools you need — from meal planners to trackers — to help you lose weight, stay motivated, and live a healthier life!

14 great tools to keep you on track

Hundreds of Recipes

Access 100s of delicious recipes! Search by ingredient and save your favorites.

Custom Meal Planner

Each meal comes complete with shopping lists, easy recipes, and snack suggestions.

Custom Fitness Planner

Your plan will be optimized to help you achieve maximum results!

Shopping List Tool

Get easy print-and-go shopping lists for every recipe and meal!

Food Log

Studies show that logging what you eat helps with long-term success.

Nutrition Facts Finder

Learn the calorie count and other nutritional information for the foods you eat.

Activity Calculator

See how many calories you can burn while doing your favorite exercises and activities.

Community Groups

Get support from other members just like you who are trying to get fit and healthy.

Weight Tracker

Your interactive Weight Tracker will help you chart and recognize your accomplishments.

Inch Tracker

Keep track of your progress as the inches come off!


Record your feelings about your new diet and your personal goals.

Ideal Weight Calculator

Gain insight into your health risks based on your weight and height.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Determine your maximum heart rate for physical activity to get the most from your workouts.

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