Denise's Easy Interval Walking Plan

You'll love this heart-pumping, core-sculpting total body workout! Interval walking is one of the most efficient and effective workout routines I have ever designed, and you can do it anytime, anywhere.
Allow 30 minutes for this workout. You should do the Interval Walking at least 4 times a week, 30 minutes each time. If you choose to do it more frequently, you may lose pounds faster. You can alternate Interval Walking with Interval Biking, using the same 2- and 5-minute intervals to pump it up and blast the fat. Or, do the same Interval Walking on a treadmill or elliptical to get a great fat-blasting workout.

Preparation: You’ll need comfortable clothes, good walking shoes, and a watch or clock to time the 2- and 5-minute intervals. Then just grab your water bottle, and get moving!

The Fat-Blaster Workout Scale: I devised a 7-point rating scale to help you assess how much you must work during exercise. Using the Fat-Blast Workout Scale, you can determine if your workout pace is a 1 (very light), a 4 (moderately strong), or a 7 (peak fitness zone; a nice clip!) — or anywhere in between.


  • 5 MINUTES — Start by warming up, walking at a nice pace and pumping your arms. As you get close to 5 minutes, walk with purpose. Get your heart rate up to a 3 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale.
  • 2 MINUTES — The next 2 minutes, aim for a 5 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale to enter the Fat-Blasting Zone. Give it all you have, pumping your arms back and forth and going as fast as you can walk for 2 minutes.
  • 5 MINUTES — You will take it up another notch from the first 5 minutes. At this point, you are picking up your pace, your blood is pumping, and your breathing is quickened. Again, aim for level 5 out of 7 on the rating scale.
  • 2 MINUTES — This is a big blast. Walk really fast for 2 minutes. Pump those arms. Move those legs! Push that body! If you can, bring it to a jog if your knees are healthy. Again, move up to a 6 out of 7 on the rating scale, as you are breathing more quickly now and you are fully in the Fat-Blasting Zone.
  • 5 MINUTES— You should continue to walk fast for 5 minutes, making sure you feel comfortable and can talk as you walk. You should be around 5 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale with your heart pumping hard.
  • 2 MINUTES— Another big fat blast for 2 minutes. Walk as fast as you can, or jog if you can. Push yourself to hit 6 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale.
  • 5 MINUTES— Continue to walk at a brisk pace, pumping your arms as you do so. Aim for a 5 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale.
  • 2 MINUTES — Now, keep blasting the fat as you pick up the pace to give it 100 percent. This last fat blast is a really fast clip—all the way to 7 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale. Change it up and jog if you can do it!
  • 2 MINUTES— Now slow down. Do arm circles as you walk slowly for 2 minutes. Cool down until you return to a level 1 or 2 out of 7 on the Fat-Blast Workout Scale. This cool down slowly brings your heart rate down gradually and allows you to ease back into your normal routine.

This workout was originally published in Denise’s latest book, Side Effect Skinny: Denise Austin’s Fat-Blasting Diet (Bird Street Books, November 2012).

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