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Your Tools For Success

Hundreds of Recipes

Access 100s of delicious recipes! Search by ingredient and save your favorites.

Calorie Calculator

Determine the number of calories your body needs to keep you energized while you lose weight.

Custom Meal Planner

Each meal comes complete with shopping lists, easy recipes, and snack suggestions.

Activity Calculator

See how many calories you can burn while doing your favorite exercises and activities.

Custom Fitness Plan

Your plan will be optimized based on your goals and designed to help you achieve maximum results.

Weight Tracker

Your interactive Weight Tracker will help you chart and recognize your accomplishments.

Shopping List Tool

Get print-and-go shopping lists for every recipe and meal!

Inch Tracker

Keep track of your progress as the inches come off.

Food Log

Studies show that logging what you eat is related to long-term weight-loss success.


Record your feelings about your new diet and your personal goals.

Nutrition Facts Finder

Learn the calorie count and other nutritional information for the foods you eat.

Message Boards

Get support from other online members, who are also trying to get fit and healthy.

Ideal Weight Calculator

Gain insight into your health risks based on your weight and height.

Denise's Blog

Get exclusive posts to keep you up to date on Denise's projects, appearances, and personal photos.

Start losing weight!

About the Online Program

I'll guide you on how to make smart choices that will improve your mind, body and spirit!

It's easy! As a member, you'll receive customized meal and fitness plans that are targeted to help you meet your personal goals. Plus, you'll have access to a suite of 15 online tools to help you track your progress. And of course, I'll be there every step of the way to keep you excited, motivated, and on the path to reaching your goals!

Eat Right!

Diet tips from Denise Austin

Think your busy life means that you can't eat nutritiously or you have to eat foods you don't enjoy to get in shape? Not true! I've devised easy, delicious meal plans designed to give you the exact number of calories you should consume to lose weight. You'll learn how to choose the right foods for your body, and you'll get advice on shopping for healthy ingredients. The best part? You get to eat your favorite foods — even treats! — and shed pounds quickly and safely!

Get Fit!

Diet tips from Denise Austin

I've designed a personal fitness program that allows you to customize your daily exercise routine according to your fitness level and target fat zones. My Daily Dozen routines include12 strength-training and toning exercises, stretching moves, and even yoga poses. You'll also get focus sets, which are groups of bonus exercises added to your weekly routine that are customized to work your trouble spots (upper body, lower body, or midsection). And we can't forget about the cardio, which is a key element in blasting fat and keeping your heart healthy!

Feel Great!

Diet tips from Denise Austin

My Feel Great section is sure to boost your confidence, keep you motivated, and help you create and enjoy the wonderful life that you deserve! Think of me as your online personal trainer. I'll be right there cheering you on with daily motivational messages, which I call Deniseologies, and sharing tips to help you relax more, take time for yourself and to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Plus, you'll have access to Message Boards, where you can chat with (and get inspired by) others who are working towards the same thing! Just remember: You're worth it!

Stay Strong!

Diet tips from Denise Austin

With special features on pregnancy and family for the 20s & 30s, perimenopause and menopause for those in the 40s & 50s and healthy aging and bone strength for the 60s & beyond, my Stay Strong section will keep you up-to-date and informed. There's also a helpful checklist of routine health screenings for both women and men, plus tips for better heart health and preventation to keep us at our optimal health no matter how many years young we are!

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