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Success Stories

I get so excited when people come up to me and tell me how they've lost weight or how they've gotten more fit by working out with me and my program. Whether they've lost 50 pounds or that stubborn 15, it makes me feel really good to know that they met a healthy lifestyle goal and that I helped them achieve it! Here are just a few of the inspiring members that I'm so proud of for taking charge of their lives and accomplishing their goals!Read more about them and get their advice on staying on track. And remember, you can do it too!

Joy Williams lost weight with Denise Austin's help Joy Williams
Hometown: Parker, Colo.
Occupation: Stay-at-home mother of two children
Healthy Accomplishments: Joy found her inner athlete while going from 190 to 120 pounds*, and discovered a love for running!
 How Denise's books, menus, and fitness plan helped Joy lose weight

Cheri Lewis lost weight with Denise Austin's help Cheri Lewis
Hometown: Waterloo, N.Y.
Occupation: Hairstylist and mother of two boys
Accomplishments: Cheri followed Denise's program and not only lost 50 pounds*, but she regained her self-confidence and energy to start living a happier, healthier life.
 Read how this mom lost weight and got in shape with Denise's help

Bekey Boblis lost weight with Denise Austin's help Bekey Boblis
Hometown: Martinez, Calif.
Occupation: Food server and mother of one son
Accomplishments: Bekey lost 90 pounds* of her post-baby weight and now enjoys working out seven days a week!
 Read how Bekey exercised at home with Denise and lost 90 pounds

Rosmeary lost 50 pounds by working out to Denise Austin's exercise videos at home! Rosemary
Hometown: Schaumburg, Ill.
Occupation: Sales
Healthy Accomplishments: Rosemary gained back confidence and happiness in her life when she lost more than 50 pounds* by working out with Denise!
 How Denise's weight-loss and fitness videos worked for Rosemary

Jody lost 174 pounds and now enjoys confidence and the energy to keep up with her family! Jody
HOMETOWN: Glenwood, W.Va.
OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mother and wife
HEALTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Jody lost 174 pounds* and now enjoys confidence and the energy to keep up with her family!

 Read how Jody lost weight and gained more energy with Denise's help

With Denise's help, Cassandra lost 75 pounds! Cassandra King
HOMETOWN: Massillon, Ohio
OCCUPATION: Marketing associate
HEALTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: With Denise's help, Cassandra lost 75 pounds* and gained a new lease on a happy, healthy life!

 Read how Cassandra gained a new lease on a healthy, happy life with Denise's help

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