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5 Easy Ways to Eat More Fiber

October 31st, 2014

When it comes to nutrition these days, fiber is IT! Fiber is a nutrient that every one of you needs to include in your diet each day. According to the American Dietetic Association, most healthy adults should aim for 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. Does that sound like a lot? Don’t worry— it’s not as hard to include in your diet as you might think!

Fiber is found in all the fresh and delicious foods I love: fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains. There are two types of fiber:

Soluble fiber is found in oats, barley, apples, pears, edamame and other soy products, dried beans and peas, and citrus fruit. This type of fiber may help reduce your cholesterol levels, which will protect you from heart disease.

Insoluble fiber is found in wheat bran, whole-wheat products, and most vegetables. This type of fiber may alleviate constipation by helping wastes move through your system faster.

Fiber is also fantastic because it fills you up so you eat fewer calories and lose weight! Research suggests that diets high in fiber may also reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Additionally, fiber may offer some protection against colon cancer, although studies have not produced consistent results.

Feeling pumped to get more fiber? Here are five simple ways to add fiber:

  1. Eat fruit with breakfast every morning — try berries with your cereal, or slice a banana into yogurt.
  2. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to your sandwiches and swap white bread for whole wheat.
  3. Throw a bag of mixed frozen veggies in the microwave for a veggie side dish that’s ready in minutes!
  4. Add vegetables to casseroles, soups, rice dishes – almost anything is better with more vegetables!
  5. Drink plenty of water as you work on increasing your fiber intake.

Challenge yourself to try at least one of these tips every day in the coming week — before you know it, you’ll be full of fiber, healthier, and feeling fabulous!


Hi there, I am very excited to start this program tomorrow. My doctor ordered me to get my cholesterol down by lowering my carb intake. How do I do this when I need to avoid Carbs? Thank you for all the inspiration. Kim

so far so good. like the work outs and the recipes are really good. My husband even likes them.

Hi Team Denise, I am still here and still just as excited and motivated to complete the New 10 week 360 plan. My husband is also being very supportive in his quest to do better for himself. Again, thank you so much! mimi

I’m excited to begin the plan on Monday! I originally lost 25 pounds working out to Denise Austin’s Fit and Lite on Lifetime after the birth of my second child 13 years ago! The weight steadily creeps back. I’m 40 and ready to bit fit again!

I cannot seem to locate Week 1 shopping list and need to do my weekly supermarket shopping today…where is it exactly?

Good article, these tips are totally doable Denise!! KimG do a google search on fast carbs vs slow carbs and you’ll find great information on what type carbs your doctor is talking about, Denise’s plan is focusing on slow carbs which don’t turn to sugar as quickly as a fast carb like a donut darn it. Striker11 if you still haven’t found your shopping list after you complete your warm up exercises the link will be under Hello “yourname” on your warm up page.

Where can I find the menu list for the whole week so I can prep things earlier and I can freeze meat so it doesn’t go bad

Where is the menu list for the week?

My question is same as Melsiep. I would like to have my entire weeks menu plan when I get my grocery list. This way I can make my meals ahead of time on the weekend so I can ensure I can follow the plan and not go off of it because of not having enough time to prepare a meal when I get home from work.

Hi Sweets1219! We are working on getting this functionality updated so you can see your full menu when you see your shopping list. We are hoping that our team will have it fully tested and functional this week. Thanks for your patience and your comments, we really appreciate it. XO Team Denise

The recipe calendar is great.

A question about logging food: I use the myfitnesspal app to log food and exercise. I’ve done this off and on for more than a year and find it’s a great way to keep track of calories in vs. calories out, as well as nutrition.

Today, I’m manually entering Denise’s recipes into the myfitnesspal app for each meal. However, considering how hugely popular myfitnesspal is, I’m sure lots of other participants of the 360 plan are using the app as well. Is there any chance that Denise’s recipes might be added into the app in the future so that participants can easily keep track of calories and meals?

Thank you!

I’m starting my 3rd week and I’m feeling great! My husband is loving the dinners which makes it easy for me that I don’t have to make something different for him. I love that my meals are planned for me because that is what has kept me from losing weight before,not having healthy recipes.

I still can’t drop any weight. I have to make 2 meals because my husband will not eat onions, peppers and lots of other vegs. so is hard,

I’m starting on Monday and ready to get going!

I’m a vegetarian who does not care for eggs and dairy. Currently I’m taking small steps towards the organic way of eating and removing processed sugars from my diet. What would be a tasteful substitute for eggs and dairy products to prepare your suggested recipes?

I agree with book doctor. I would love it if your recipes were tied into MYFitnessPal. And even more, if your workouts were, too, to keep track of calorie expenditures.

It’s been a week and I dropped a pound, following a menus plan makes it so much easier for me. I have always liked Denise’s DVDs and her shows when they were on Lifetime. With MyFitnessPal, you can creat the meal, and save it in your favorite meals. I think this 10 week plan may work great for me. Thanks Denise

After surgery on my foot I became sedentary and gained 30 lbs. It’s time to take back my life, loose weight and get living again.

This is my first day. I think the meals are easy but should there be a snack in the evening?

I am starting this coming Monday and I can’t wait. I am ready .

It works when you work it…so work it, you’re worth it :)

Where can i find the shopping lists and food lists? I am a working mom and don’t have a lot of time to make things from scratch.

Hi Over50blues! They come out the Thursday before each week. So much of the food is fresh so if you shop too soon it spoils. Hope this helps and have a super duper week! Love, Denise

every thing is good I love all the food you have here, to eat right is where it works

I’m am a Berry lover every morning Get it all in Berry Medley. 1 1/2 Cop. Strawberries Blackberries. Raspberries, & Blueberries, with one cup of Greek Yogurt Plane or with Honey

I have started today! I need to know what drinks are allowed. Does anyone know? Also, a buddy would be great!

Hi Hawaii2016! Congratulations on starting the plan!!! Here’s a link to my blog with some drinking ideas…. Love always,Denise

Dear Dennis,
I am so excited to start my 10 week 360. I am looking forward to all the workouts and great healthy eating choices. In my meal plan though I see the receipes that have meat on it. I want to follow the exact plan that you have for me. Could I have the vegetarian optioned plan please.
Thank you so much,

This may be an obvious answer, but are there restrictions on what you can drink on the 360 plan?

Thank you Lots, I Just finish about 5 minutes Work out with you & your Daughter. Don’t before you know it I’ll finish the whole thing. & i buy Cases of water & I Drink that. Gloria Kelley

Ok…today I’m beginning…..just retired and I need some extra activities….I’m not over weight but I can tone up and that’s what I plan on doing… here goes….I’m in all the way….for today…. and that’s when that expression “one day at a time” comes to mind….lol…hopefully tomorrow i’ll feel the same….cross your fingers and toes…:)

Week 3 and I am still hanging in there lost 2 lbs not bad. Looking forward to the workouts…

Hi Denise. This is my first week and have been exercising every single day! I have increased energy, stand up straighter, shoulders back, and more focused. I need to concentrate more on my meals and proper portions especially during the Christmas season when food is everywhere. Thank you for your motivation and a variety of workout videos. My husband shouts out, ” Go, Go, Go!”

I did the program last year about this time and never missed a workout and ate exactly what was on the menu besides having half n half in my coffee. I lost about 15 pounds. People began to notice, my face looked thinner and I lost a lot of my belly fat and gaining muscle. My 26 year old daughter was afraid I was going to get thinner than her. A trip to Hawaii in June got me off track with meals because we were in a hotel without a microwave or kitchenette. I did do my workouts while I was there but when I came home I slowly quit doing it and now Im trying to get back on track. The program does work but when we think we can modify or cheat, the positive results will not be there. Denise is an inspiration and I do love knowing I can get positive results with her program. I love how in each workout she tells exactly what it is working. I tell my kids all the time that Denise loves me and I have a personal trainer. I hope to one day meet her. Love her!!

[…] 5 Easy Ways to Eat More Fiber – Denise Austin – Herbie January 18, 2015. Good article, these tips are totally doable Denise!! KimG do a google search on fast carbs vs slow carbs and you’ll find great information … […]

Hi Denise, I am really looking forward the the program. I need to get back the way I was. My current job, requires lots of PC and phone time and from an active person I became a more sitting in front of the PC for hours on end person. I what my hubby to have his sexy wife back. So I am determent and counting on you and me. Many thanks in advance xo

Just joined today. Looks like fun! I’m excited to get started, and I was wondering when my first shopping list will be available. I have completed the warm up section, but don’t see a place to get the shopping list.

Excited to start today, heading to the store to get more fruits and veggies for the week.

Just started today! I’m so excited to start this program…thank you Denise!

Great tips. Adding more berries and greens to my family’s repertoire. Hope having great choices available when snack time comes around will help everyone in the household.