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5 Tips For Eating SMARTER!

Denise Austin Healthy Eating

Hi Everyone!

Healthy eating can be delicious, I promise. All you need to know is that there are a few tips that I do to make living a healthier, good-fat, and low-cal life pretty simple. These are tricks I use myself, and they’re a huge part of why I’ve stayed in shape for all these years.

1. Sit down when you eat. It’s too easy to forget about the foods that you pop in your mouth while cooking, clearing the table or standing.

2. Don’t eat while you’re on the phone, checking e-mail, or watching TV. One study found that people ate an average of over 40 percent more potato chips while watching TV than they did when they weren’t tuning in to the tube. That’s not surprising, since being distracted means you don’t notice what you inhale.

3. Eat slowly. It takes fifteen to twenty minutes after eating for your brain to register that you’re full. Eat too fast and you can take in more calories than your body actually wants or needs. Before you take seconds or give in to a giant dessert, wait. If you’re still hungry half an hour later, then you truly didn’t eat enough and need more food. But chances are that you’ll be full. Remember, no one says you have to clean your plate!

4. Write down what you eat. Keeping a food log helps ward off mindless eating and allows you to be more conscious of every morsel. It also keeps you accountable, after all, if you have to write down that you ate that pizza crust off your child’s plate or doughnut at a morning meeting, you’ll probably think twice. It worked well for women in one study, who lost seven pounds more than participants who didn’t jot down their snacks and meals.

5. Don’t sip your calories away. It’s very easy to forget that certain beverages, like juice, soda, and coffee drinks, have calories because they typically don’t leave us feeling full. However, just one 8-ounce soda or juice can have more than a hundred calories, and a frothy, creamy creation from your favorite coffee shop can have hundreds. Your best bet is to stick with water. It’s calorie free, and, well, free.

Healthy Snack Bonus:

-1 Flat cracker
-Lentil beans
-Olive oil
-Fresh basil leaves

Drizzle a couple drops of olive oil onto the flat cracker. Then spread the hummus. Add lentil beans and fresh basil leaves on top. Squeeze some lemon on top and eat! A great snack full of lean healthy protein for an energy boost.

hummus lentil denise austin

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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Hi Annie,
Hope you are feeling better also! I missed 2workouts, but feel I could have done the cardio this morn. – easy Walk W/Me. Tomorrow a.m. I will get back on track for sure…I need to get myself back on track!! I love Denise too & this program. I get so much out of it. I haven’t gotten response yet about working out W/cold. I am guessing it will be posted here for all to see? New to posting, so not sure. Have great week!

Hi Angela! Welcome to my coughing (hacking) world. Lost three days last week of exercising do to cold! AWWWW! Did she answer your question?
Also does anyone know how many (on the average) calories we burn during a 36 minute workout? (Fat Blasters!!) Love this program and love Denise! Hope to hear? Feel Better!

Hi Denise,
Thank you for those great eating tips & healthy snack recipe. I will try! My question to you is what do you recommend when the common cold hits, as far as working out is concerned. I came down with a cold yesterday morning, but proceeded w/my cardio workout. Today, I skipped the workout. I’ve always wondered what a trainer would recommend.
Thanks so much!