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With daily recipes and shopping lists tailored to your dietary requirements and food preferences, eating right has never been this easy — or delicious!

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Yoga 7-Day Yoga Refresh

Lengthen and strengthen your body with Denise on her week-long yoga refresh. Featuring a new yoga workout each day, plus “clean” recipes and inspirations from Denise!

Nutrition Eat Like Denise

Want to eat like Denise? Then this easy-to-follow plan is for you! We feature some of Denise’s favorite recipes for every meal of the day — plus snacks.

Workouts 2-Week Natural Body Boot Camp

Join Denise for three, 10-minute workouts, five days a week over the next 2 weeks. It’s a great way to get fit, toned and trimmed—naturally!

Nutrition 7-Day Vegetarian Plan

Cutting out meat for a day or week is a great way to lower your fat and cholesterol intake, while giving your digestive system a break. Join Denise on a challenge to embrace a plant-based diet for one week.

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Workouts Daily Workout - Aerobics, Upper Body

20 minutes · Levels 1-3

Stretching, Cardio

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4 reviews

Workouts Daily Workout - Cardio, Abs & Buns

20 minutes · Levels 1-3

Cardio, Toning

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8 reviews

Workouts Balance & Toning Yoga

20 minutes · Levels 1-3

Stretching, Toning, Yoga

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31 reviews

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