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Age Defying Secrets

Denise Austin Age Defying Secrets

Hi Everyone! We all want to look and feel our very best, no matter what age we are. Since I am 58, I want to help you be ageless. I know EXACTLY what you all are going through because I’ve gone through it and feel great!  We can move through everything together.  During the years, our bodies change and there are certain things we have to pay more attention to.  I am here to give you all of my Age Defying Secrets!

Age Defying EXERCISES 

Lifting and firming up your muscles is one of the best ways to fight the aging process.  If it’s fit and strong our problem areas won’t droop or sag.  They are focused to fight gravity. My LifeFit 360: 10-Week Whole Body Plan has exercises to work the back of the arms, our tummies, and rear end. My “Shape Up with Me” workout from my plan is specifically targeted for what we need in our age group. Like for instance, in my workout, I protect your neck with a pillow as we tighten up our abs and use a chair for balance while doing leg exercises. I want you to feel comfortable as you gain strength and flexibility. These modifications will help you. My Plans offer great workouts that will help you stay supple and limber. Try my beginner yoga to keep your spine healthy and strong. Your spine is your lifeline. My stretches will also work on improving our posture and decreasing stress. These age defying exercises will protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis. 

Age defying HEALTH- Its all about Heart!

My easy cardio workouts are important to condition the heart.  My “Walk with Me” workout is easy on the joints and low impact. I specifically designed this workout for you. It’s so important to keep your heart healthy as it will lower blood pressure, decrease blood sugar and lowering your risk for diabetes. My fat burning Level 1 workouts on my 10 Week Plan will help you boost your metabolism and give you energy and stamina.

Age Defying FOODS

My 10-Week Plan provides foods that will keep you feeling young and energetic. I specifically designed meal plans that are focused for us such as heart-healthy and diabetic.  The meals, the recipes and grocery lists are there to make it easy every day for you. I have hand-picked the best of the best foods that will keep you feeling good and staying healthy!  It’s all about staying healthy from the inside out!

Age Defying ATTITUDE.

Wake up happy. Being optimistic will have help shape a great attitude and improve your mood. Spending time with friends and family as much as possible will keep you feeling young and enthusiastic. I will motivate you each week to keep you upbeat and positive. Its all in your attitude. I will give you my tips on dealing with hormones and changes we, as women, experience throughout the years. I am here to inspire you every step of the way. 

Age defying BEAUTY TIPS

Keeping up with good skin and beauty regimens are also important.  I share my favorite facial exercises that can naturally give you a face-lift!  I take pride in having absolutely zero plastic surgery.  I give you strategies and solutions to get you better sleep through our menopausal times. Getting a good nights rest will have you glowing. There are great natural ways to achieve that youthful look!  

I have designed my LifeFit 360 Plans and community to help all of us go through this together.  You are not alone!   I am inspired by all of you and am so excited to have you be a part of my community! Our health and fitness journey begins NOW!  Let’s get started! This is a lifestyle, changing the way you feel, think, and move. I provide you with everything to keep you feeling the best you can no matter how old you are. Start your 7-day free trial of my LifeFit 360: 10-Week Plan today to look and feel 10 years younger.


Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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what are your tips on hormone changes and body changes… i was just informed that im heading into menapause..get hot flashes, warm night sweats, and anxiety…i can deal with the sweats the anxiety throws me off since im already on medication for it…trying so hard everyday not to think about if ill have any “menapausal” feelings… days i feel like my brain is in a fog bank and just anxious…dont like it…if you have any tips to help with that id appreciate

Hello Denise,

I am member but I do not see where I can find all these tips listed in your blog. Let me know because I want to do all I can to be my best!

You mentioned sharing your favorite facial exercises, but I don’t see any link to that. Very interested in naturally getting a face lift.?

Hi Denise, I feel I’m getting an advantage with your exercise & meal planning plus I just joined Weight Watcher’s last week. 2/10/16. I just love doing the exercises, and like Kathleen, I also know my limits because I’ve had a total knee replacement on the left, and my right knee is bad now. You do what you have to to make this work together. Thank you Denise, for this wonderful healthy chance to be exercising w/you again. I’m so excited.

Yes I agree thanks for making this affordable. However if I can’t get to look you up, what suggestions can you suggest to me as far as exercising is concerned that I can do for at least 15 minutes when I get home.

In July 2015 I had total left hip replacement surgery (Jan 2006 was the right THR). I have completed the Physical Therapy sessions so I know my limits and doing the best I can… The walking workouts are awesome and if I can’t always pivot fast I keep walking in place. I walked my nephew in his stroller for an hour last Friday at a very good pace. I feel good about me and that’s what keeps me going!

Wow! Was I sweating doing my first cardio with you and the girls! Which is great! I keep this up and by the 10 week I will get what you promised. We are heading south and I am turning 60 this spring and want to look good in a swimsuit….at least more confident! Thanks for making this affordable. I am committed because I know I can do this with you. You don’t know this, but back in the 90’s I worked out religiously using your 30 min tv show while I was an at home mother of 4 sons and I stayed in shape up until 2004 when I had to return to the work force. Of course, I let things “go” but kept up active gardening, walking, running after grandchildren (now have 6 grandsons under 9), and don’t like how I fit into clothes and I want and need to stay healthy as I age. Thanks for being here for us! I am glad technology allows this to happen!