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Build Muscle! Burn Fat!

I often meet people who are looking for a secret, magic weight-loss trick. They want to know how they can burn the most fat in the least amount of time. What do I tell them? I always give the same response, and that’s that there isn’t any magical weight-loss answer. Burning fat efficiently boils down to one thing — building more muscle!

That’s right: A major key to revving up your metabolism is muscle mass. The reason? Muscles demand more energy from your body than fat does; the more muscle you add to your body, therefore, the more calories you’ll be burning throughout the day. In fact, studies show that for every pound of muscle you add, you automatically burn an extra 35 to 50 calories per day — and that’s while going about your normal activities. Even at rest, muscle burns almost twice as many calories as fat.

Women are often hesitant about doing the strength training with weights that’s necessary to develop muscle — they’re afraid they’ll look too bulked up or masculine. It’s time to change that thinking! Building muscles is a must when it comes to losing weight. Rather, these strength moves tighten and tone and eventually redistribute your weight in a healthy way. Your arms and legs will feel firmer, your body will feel stronger, and you’ll be burning more calories daily — even when you’re sleeping! Wait — that sounds like a magic weight-loss trick to me!

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Hi, I’m your new member and anxious to get started. I wear a Fitbit, so I can count my steps especially on my job as a very busy nurse’s assistant 24 hrs a week – does this count as cardio and how do I add it to my exercises? Many thanks.

Just started the program and wondering what exercise videos I should start with. I have been doing the Walking workout on Disc 4 as I am a Level 1

Today is Easter and decided to get the monthly access and start Monday with the workouts. My ultimate goal is to lose about 40 pounds. So with Holy God’s help and my efforts, it can be done. Let see what happens on this journey.

The hardest part to me was making myself stick with it during the first two weeks,because I was sore and it seemed to make me so tired. But believe me stick with it and it gets easier and after a while it will turn around and you will feel tired if you don’t do the workout .
Love this plan ! It really works !!
I’ve lost around 18 pounds and the big thing for me is losing 4 inches off my waist..

I sleep better having done the exercises.

Yay! It works!!! <3

also how do I get the grocery list on my phone?

I just joined, is there a way to download the exercise videos to a thumb drive or to view this site on a smart tv?

This article is true. Muscle mass = calorie burn

I’ve slow losing the weight because i have not followed the food that were in the diet plan.I know that i eat too many calories so therefore i intent to cut my calorie intake down starting this week . i do the exercise in the evenings and maybe i need to do it earlier but don’t have time before work.hanging in there.

Guess I need to commit more, I don’t eat the exact food that Denise has, but try and make something close to it. I just don’t drop the pounds, I do Curves every morning and try and do these exercises at night,

I lost 7 lbs in the first week! Thrilled beyond belief! I have been here every day, but Saturday, my Sabbath, my day of rest.
I absolutely LOVE the workouts! I actually sweat and breathe heavy, which I don’t usually do in other workouts. A big thank you to Denise for this program! Your positive attitude is an inspiration! Can’t wait for week three to begin tomorrow!

I wasnt totally able to follow through with the exercises this week because I have asthma and it has affected me very badly. But, I have been following the food plan (not exactly in day order) and lost five (5) pounds. I’m very excited. Taking my husband away for his 60 birthday in June to Grenada and want to look and feel great. I’m very excited about doing this program. Thanks Denise for making it easy to follow. Can’t wait to look and feel great inside and out.

I can’t wait to start tomorrow, I’m 38 years old and getting married on 8/8/2015. Don’t want to wait till the last minute. I know I can do this 10-week challenge and focus on toning up until my big day!

excited to get started

Excited to get started.

Great article learned a lot

Love the program 360 the recipes are great and I love
The workouts. On day 3 feeling great and hopeful that the weight will come off best part I’m not alone!

Interesting article. I know I have lost muscle tone! Couldn’t really get started today with all the routine since I worked in the garden for 5 hours yesterday and can bearly move at all today without pain!! Tomorrow hopefully I can really get going its the program