Exercise Anywhere, Anytime!


Hi Everyone! Muscles don’t know if you’re in a fancy gym or in your kitchen. These tips are designed for our busy lives­­…a minute here and a minute there adds up. These are great ways to sneak in certain exercises throughout the day. Keeping your muscles toned works miracles for your metabolism.

  • To get a firm bottom when you’re walking up stairs, always skip a step­­…you’ll feel it more in your rear end. Always remember to squeeze your buttocks.
  • Keep a pair of 3 lb or 5 lb dumbbells at your desk and do lifts while you are talking on the phones, in­ between meetings, and so on.
  • In your car, do tummy tighteners­­…pull in your ab muscles and tighten for 5 seconds. It’s equivalent to 1 sit-up.
  • Do squats while you blow ­dry your hair in the bathroom…lifts your buttocks.
  • Do leg lifts in the kitchen.
  • Hula hoop for your waistline­­…it helps get circulation going and works the muscles of the entire torso. Play great music and have fun with it.
  • Use resistance bands for your arm and leg workouts.
  • Sit on a balance ball at your desk­­…it helps engage your ab muscles. Then, you can roll the ball back and do a few sit-­ups at the office, too.

These are ALL great ways to tone up anytime…

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


Gena Sparks

Thank you!!!