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#FallFitnessFreebies (Week 6): Barre Toning

Happy Halloween everyone!  I’m so excited for you all to join me today!  Let’s jumpstart the weekend together with Week 6 of my #FallFitnessFreebies series!  Today we will be doing Barre Toning.  Barre is so beneficial in may ways.  It strengthens and lengthens our bodies, helping to give us those beautiful ballerina legs!  Barre also works out multiple muscle groups and is GREAT for our core.  I LOOOOVE how it helps with flexibility and bone strength.  Now, who’s ready to workout with me?!

Grab your chair and press play.

GREAT job! I’m SO PROUD of you all for joining me this Halloween morning. I love your dedication…it’s truly inspiring!

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I LOVE Halloween! It’s fun to dress up and have fun! I know it can be hard to stay healthy during this time of the year. I used to love going trick or treating with my daughters when they were younger and couldn’t wait to see what treats they had in their candy bags. It’s ok to celebrate, but remember, everything in MODERATION. In case you missed this from my last blog post, here are my 3 tips on staying healthy during Halloween:

1. Eat before you trick or treat. Have yourself a well balanced meal full of protein and greens so you’re not hungry around all of these sweets. It will lessen your cravings for that chocolate bar!

2. Bring a healthy snack. Having your own healthy alternative during this time will help you avoid those sugary treats.

3. Keep a record of your sweet treats. During Halloween, it is easy to just grab a piece of candy here and there without realizing how many you’ve actually eaten. Be aware of what you are eating. Allow yourself to have one treat, but don’t overdue it.

Now, it’s time for this week’s FREE GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is tell me what your favorite costumes are on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Bonus points for any photos. So excited to see what you all say!

Love always Your Personal Trainer,


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