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Fit in Fitness With a Baby

When Kelly and Katie were in diapers, it wasn’t always easy to find time to exercise. It was all about tending to their needs. But I still never let a moment go by without trying to fit in some activity! I’d put them in their strollers and take long walks, carry them (believe me, your arms will get toned!), and then squeeze in my regular workouts during their naptime. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

These days, there are groups of moms that meet in local parks and malls weekly for stroller exercise — and friendship. What a great way to lose the baby weight and connect with others who are facing the same challenges as you! Or wear your baby in a carrier that rests against your chest, hip or on your back — and lace up your sneakers. Hit a shopping center, walk to a nearby location for your errands, or make some loops around the park to get in shape and enjoy some time with the baby. If your baby is big enough to sit in a bike seat and wear a helmet, why not hit the road together and go on regular bike rides?

My girls are grown up now, but I still work in activities with them, like hiking, bike riding and exercising. I find that when you do things together, you’ll look forward to it — it’s fun and effective.

Whatever you do, just remember that keeping exercise a priority when your kids are small is a smart thing to do. You’ll be happier and less stressed, which will help you be a much more positive and energetic parent. Everyone wins!

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Love this article. I did the same with my babies! It made such a difference. I love how you continue to do active things with your girls… I’d like to do the same!

I Finish with you & your daughter with the dancing. Now trim & toning thank you girls YAY((:*HUGS*<3

how right you are

I exercised daily in the 90’s with Denise Austin – Lifetime TV when she was pregnant with both daughters. She was such an inspiration during those years and still is today. I was able to keep my weight down, under control and felt good about my accomplishement. I’m so glad I found Denise again through this 10 week program and I am now ready to get fit and fab….. once again. Thank You, Awesome – Denise Austin !

I’m a new mom and this plan is actually helping me relieve some stress. I’m just 2 weeks in and I feel so much better physically and emotionally. Thank you!

This is so true Denise. Exercise is a great stress buster and research has shown it to be effective in combating depression.