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How to Hit the Hips and Thighs

October 31st, 2014

The biggest problem areas for many women are their hips and thighs. This is rooted in biology: Women of childbearing years store most of their body fat in these areas. But don’t despair! The good news is that fat deposits on the hips and thighs are easily burned. Why? Because the large muscle groups of the body burn calories more efficiently.

Lunges are one of the most effective exercises you can do to work the entire leg. If the only exercises you did for your legs were lunges, your legs would look terrific! Lunges can be done with no weights at all, while holding dumbbells or with a bar on your shoulders. It is a difficult exercise, so start without any weight. After you do add weights, increase their size gradually.

  1. Start with one foot in front of the other as though you are taking a giant step (use a chair, if necessary, to help keep your balance).
  2. Lower yourself, bending both knees, but make sure your knee stays in line with your ankle. Try not to bang your back knee on the floor.
  3. Your weight should be on your back toes and on your front heel.
  4. Straighten legs until you are standing, and lower yourself again.
  5. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  6. Watch your form.
  7. Keep your back straight.
  8. Don’t let your front knee extend over the front of your toes. If you have bad knees, modify this lunge and only bend your knees slightly — you’re still firming those thighs!

Begin with one set of 8-12 reps and gradually progress to two sets of 8-12 reps. Rest for 15 seconds between sets. I recommend that you increase the number of repetitions gradually. Your goal should be to aim for 16-24 repetitions every time you do these exercises. As soon as you can do this relatively easily, add the second set with weights (either holding dumbbells or holding a bar on your shoulders).

Do your lunges at least four days a week and you will see a noticeable improvement in three weeks!


Hi Denise, I just finished 1 set of 12 reps of lunges. I can feel it in my thighs! It feels like it will really help. I will increase the reps and number of sets as soon as possible within what I am able to do safely. thank you so much, mimi

Lunges are the hardest on my knees. I have been doing them in the pool. It’s the best I can do right now. Staying focused! Love all the good information❤️

hi Denise, I’m so excited to have this program.I’ve missed you..i started today with these exercises. I love lunges.3 Sets of 12..and I’m a little sore.

Hi Denise! I did the beachy cardio workout this morning. You have a great way of motivating me. I’m excited to do a new workout everyday.

So looking forward to officially starting on the 9th. I have always enjoyed doing the DVDs at home. I am looking to getting on a healthy track and losing extra weight I have gained from stress and not eating and exercising like I should. Since diabetes runs in my family I am at a higher risk and know losing the extra weight will help a lot.

Signed up today. Trying to orientate myself to program. Looking forward to starting on Monday.

Hello Denise and all. I will be starting tomorrow the 9th. I am 58 and looking forward to feeling more energetic and losing this excess weight. I have ordered the DVD’s and expect them soon. My internet access is somewhat limited bc we live out in rural area. Looking forward to starting!

I’m a little slow with the exercises I had a knee replacement a year ago,recovered from that.Then last spring i fainted in my bathroom and broke my ankle and had a plate put in with 10 screws! So after losing 8 pounds in 2 weeks I find my knees and ankle feeling a lot better.

I’m starting sat. Im so excited!!!

SO SO SO Excited to have come across your new program.I was in search and I was just getting ready to pull all my old DVD out of yours and I was on line looking at weight watcher recipes and your ad popped! Hallelujah !!!! I was so shocked.I was wanting something from you and there it was.I still have to clean out pantry.My husband has lots of junk and I’m putting it all in a box just for him. I started Monday. Heres to a Happier and Healthy ME!!!! Do I get the meal plan today since I’m starting Monday.I did do the free week but I’m doing the 10 weeks.

Joined today and starting on Monday. Very excited after reading all these posts.

Joined a week ago and lost 5 lbs YEA!!!!!! Love your new exercise CDs and motivation messages WOW really makes a difference.

I’m starting my eighth week and I luv it. I luv the exercises, the meal plan and the energy I have. I actually feel healthy and energized all day. I have lost twelve pounds and want to go ten more. My hubby says I look awesome and sexy. Thanks Denise.

So happy to find this website! Today I turned 52 and I’m so ready to start this program! Starting Monday, the 9th!

Happy Birthday, Memechu! Congratulations on joining the program!

This is day 4 and I love it! I can’t wait to get up and exercise with Denise! And eat the delicious meals. I thought having to cook would cut into my time getting ready for work, but I just get up earlier and get it done!
I must say that this is like a dream come true.

Very excited to be starting the program on March 9th – have a friend doing it with me! Expecting great things!!!

Starting tomorrow would like to lose a few pounds,family going on vacation end of May . Any little bit will help. Wish me luck.

I am 73 year old and some of these exercises are hard for me.

Take your time, baby steps and listen to your body, Deehuff! Stay safe and you’ll find yourself getting stronger and they will be easier. And if you have any issues, of course, consult your doctor. I recommend the Walk With Me Workout as a great place to start! You can do it! Love always, Denise

I love Denise and used to work out to her programs in my thirties and forties and looked great. I had a hysterectomy in November and gained some weight. I can’t wait to start Monday and get in shape again.

Im at the end of week two! I love all the workouts so far! I travel a lot so my Ipad is perfect no matter what hotel Im in! WiFi everywhere I go! The only problem is not every hotel has a frig. I have no choice but to eat out. I follow the food plan as best I can on the road. Just finished spring break with kids. Thanks Denise for your positive outlook on life and transforming it into this program!

I keep plugging along. I really enjoy the workouts (Level 1). Looking forward to the day when I can “graduate” to level 2.

Soooo excited to have joined the 10-week challenge. Denise, I started working out to you when I was 10 years old and I recorded you every day on ESPN, then I would work out when I came home from school. Then, I moved with you to Lifetime and worked out for a solid 20 years with you. I have your books & DVDs, but love the idea of a new workout each day. I am an avid runner, but have not kept up with my toning and healthy eating as I used to, so I’m excited to have this as a motivator!

Today was Day 1 for me and I didn’t do as well with today’s exercise routine as I had hoped; I took many more breaks than Denise indicated. I know you have to do what you are comfortable with, which I did, but I do look forward to keeping up! I’m also trying to do the plank challenge, so on to that… :)

Good job, M5340! Baby steps and you WILL get stronger if you keep at it. I’m so proud of you! Love always, Denise

Can’t wait to start Monday!!

I have a prosthetic below my knee on my left leg which make it impossible to do lunges. What is a good alternative. I can do squats and sumo/wide leg squats with no problems, just wondered what else I could do.

Hi Dannygirl, I’m so impressed at your endurance! I do think the best person to answer that question is your doctor or physical therapist. There are lots of alternative stretching and strengthening exercises and he or she will know the best choices that will be right for you based on your specific needs. But squats are always a good option, too! Keep up the great work. Love, Denise

Just starting today. I’m going to do my first workout tonight
. It is the one scheduled for today. I do best with evening workouts. The lunges are going to happen too.
I’m excited!

End of my first week, and I’m thrilled that I’ve lost 3.4 pounds! I love this program!

starting Monday the 25th excited to learn and lose weight

Today is my start day! I pray I can do this program. I sat around all winter with my husband who was recuperating from surgery. I need to see results so I will stay on the plan. Thank you!

Welcome to the plan, Pacupit!!! YOU can do it! Stick with it and I promise you will see results. Believe in yourself and make time for the work. YOU are WORTH IT!!! Love always, Denise

My first week is done and I’m motivated to keep going !! Thanks Denise !!

Cindyloufromm…..I start May 25 too! Looking forward to achieving goals with you!

Hi Denise :)
I am feeling so great and I would like to say thank you so much for being an incredible inspiration, coach and motivator!!! I believe your program is so wonderful because you gently give us positive reminders and include not just the physical aspect but also keeping a healthy self image on the inside as well. They go hand in hand!!! I feel at my best especially when I am helping and building up others :)
This is my 4th week of my 2nd time doing your 360 program at level 2 and my stamina, cardio, strength & core have improved so much!!! I am not big on weighing myself because I grew up with a sister who had an eating disorder and I try to stay away from that being the focus. I also notice that my weight seems to fluctuate fast ~ 6 pounds one way or the other and then it hovers at one weight no matter how much I exercise?
My goal weight is 10 lbs away, but I worry a little that my goal weight is not necessarily the healthiest and that may put me on the road to being too thin? I just wonder if you could help advise me as to a healthy weight for a 48 yr old who is 5’6 with an athletic frame?
I am so excited to share that my wedding day is coming up ~ June 13th & 360 has helped me stay focused both mentally & physically :)
Thank you for your kindness, Jude (Beatrice)

I am starting today gang!!!! I am excited!! I have always been a fan of you Denise! I am 55 and have followed you through the years. Both my parents passed away and I have gained 25 pounds. I need to get back to being myself with energy. My husband and I are empty nesters and have a new little grandson. I am empowered by your program and can’t wait for good results!!!!

Trying every day to work on being fit!

I have a big holiday in Sept a whole month in Europe and I want to look hot! I am going to do this every day come hell or high water and tighten and tone everything up. Peri menopause has beat me up and now I am going to fight back! Thank you Denise ?

I just signed up, so just getting started. Excited to try new exercises.

This is my second week, missed two work outs, taking it easy on the work outs due to the fact it doesn’t take much to hurt my back. I love working out with you Denise, i worked out with you everyday for years, but stopped because of my back injury/surgery. Now I feel weak, and all my joints hurt. Experimenting with natural foods for inflammation.
I have always been in shape for the most part, flat stomach, and bubble butt.
But after i tried diet pill, b-12 shots for months, basically looking for the easy way out, i gain everything i lost back, and my stomach is not so flat any more. This is all with in the last year. I hate it.

I love the exercises! I am having a hard time with the meals. My family eats differently. The recipes I have tried are delicious. I have copied all recipes and plan to follow it beyond the program.

Hi Denise, no I don’t check in all the time, but I have been doing more exercising and I love your exercises and your motivation messages, thank you very much.

I have been working out with Denise for years, love her. She helps me to push out the last couple of reps. It’s exactly what I need. I’m a big fan of pilates and the toning stuff. Thank you for your energy and great information too!

I just signed up for the 10 week program and I start on Monday. I recently turned 40 and had a baby 4.5 months ago. I’m ready to get my body back and get fit! I hope I can stick to it, I’ve been trying on my own but felt I needed sometging more to give me motivation. Wish me luck!

Just started back with Denise’s positive program yesterday. What a difference it makes in my outlook! So thankful for your motivation and positive tips, too! Blessings.☺

Hi All, just started so I’m trying to get into the groove of this new plan. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for years, so this is entirely new to me…

Hi Denise, This is Swati. I am so thrilled I got my first exciting comment from my friends. They noticed that I have lost quite a few pounds, Infact one of them said I have lost inches. .yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh.
Thank you thank you thank you so much Denise..Even though you do not actually talk to me during the workout it just boosts my confidence and my belief in me.Thank you fir sharing you with me. I will always be grateful for this.
With lots of love,

Happy and going strong ..lost 10lbs and 1″off my arm..

Shoot woke up late! No time to put in a full work out this morning! But yesterday I walked over 14000 steps!.!.!

Looking forward to getting started Monday….I’ve followed you for years…glad to see you are still around.😁

Looking forward to starting your/my workout plan. Have followed you for years but kind of fell off the wagon and really need to get vack in shape and feel better about myself. I have our daughter’s wedding coming up May! So excited!

Hi Denise!
I have been a fan of yours for 25+ years! You made exercising easy for me to achieve when my children were small, I didn’t want to leave home to get a workout in. Now I’m excited to begin your 360 plan! Thank you for your happy, positive attitude and encouraging words!

Six weeks into the program & I am feeling stronger. I’m not losing weight much weight, but perhaps gaining muscle mass. The best thing is that I am being more consistent with my workouts! Thank you so much Denise :)

Week 3 almost done. I still can’t get through a complete workout and am at the beginner level. very high paced for someone who hasn’t exercised in a long time!