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LifeFit 360: Your 10-Week Whole Body Plan

Get Fit Your Way: Get fit, toned and strong with guided daily workouts mixing up cardio, strength training and stretching. You choose your level for a tailored workout routine!
Nourish Your Body and Mind: We make eating healthy simple and delicious! Our complete daily nutrition plan features hundreds of tasty, satisfying and healthy recipes with a complete shopping list to make grocery buying a snap.
Promote Your Well-Being: Find balance, inspiration and support through my exclusive videos, insights, tips and more – including the amazing community of LifeFit 360 members: a built-in support system to cheer you on!

Here’s what LifeFit 360 members have to say:


“I just completed Denise’s 360 plan and lost 19 pounds in 10 weeks! I loved the diet portion of the program because it helped me improve my eating habits. I feel great and have more energy…” – Laurie


“This plan is exactly what I needed for being 49 years old and someone who has struggled with being plump my whole adult life. I have now reached 30 pounds lost, my husband and kids are so excited to see a ‘new’ wife/mom, and I feel committed more than ever to continue on with this program.” – Nancy


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