Embracing Aging After 40: It’s All About A Positive Attitude!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 21, 2018 | Lifestyle

Hi Everyone! Today’s focus is all about a positive attitude, so here are 6 ways to improve yours! Staying young at heart as we get older is so important to having a well-rounded, healthy life – both physically and mentally. I am a true believer in a positive attitude – it helps me create happiness in all the facets of my life, keeps me young at heart, and helps me minimize stress and stay focused on the positive, important things in life.

I know a youthful outlook doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but it can be acquired – just like regular exercise and healthy eating habits, anyone can learn to have a youthful outlook and incorporate that into their life. The following 6 ways to creating a positive attitude are rules I live by – each can help you develop a healthy outlook and get more out life. Give them a try – I know you will love the results in how you feel and lead your life!

A Positive Attitude: How To Change Yours!

  1. Simplify Your Life. Women especially have full calendars, between families, work, social events and day-to-day life. By simplifying your routine, you can focus on what is most important, and eliminate the stress of overloading yourself. Get organized – both physically in your home and at work, and on your computer, putting important emails in one place to be answered. Set boundaries – learn to say “no” and feel OK about it! Determine where you waste time in the day or week, and streamline your calendar to make your schedule more efficient. And learn to delegate – giving up small chores to others is freeing and makes others feel useful!
  2. Believe In Yourself. While it is natural to doubt yourself sometimes, focusing on your what makes you special and what your gifts are is a much better way to live your life! Reprogram any negative feelings you have about yourself to positive ones, and you are sure to not only feel more confidant inside, but display that confidence to others. Whenever people I know are feeling bad about themselves, I encourage them to write down five things they like about themselves – give it a try, and remember that list next time you are feeling insecure.
  3. Stay Connected. Family and friends are so important as we age – building and sustaining friendships and relationships is a vital part of the anti-aging equation. So make sure you make room in your calendar to spend time with others you love – you won’t regret it! And if you looking to expand your group of friends, there are so many wonderful options out there – join a gym or start a neighborhood walking group, take classes that interest you, volunteer… the options are out there, all you have to do is look!
  4. Roll With The Punches. Life isn’t always going to go smoothly, that is a given. So whenever life gets bumpy, picture yourself gliding over the potholes towards a solution. You have the power to solve almost any problem, so take a deep breath, take a step back, and put the problem into perspective. Then come up with steps to address it – you can do it! I also suggest helping to prevent stress from building up, through meditation and deep-breathing exercises. They are wonderful ways to keep stress in check.
  5. Don’t Take Things Personally. It can be easy to dwell on a rude comment directed your way, but instead of seeing yourself as a victim, remember “it isn’t you – it’s them.” People usually say or do rude things because they are insecure or unhappy, so don’t waste your time on other people’s negativity – laugh it off and move on. Trust me, you will feel better in the long run!
  6. Laugh And Have Fun! There is nothing like laughter to get you through the day – tough days and easy days alike! Laughter can not only help to boost your immune system, but it will put a smile on other people’s faces as well. Happiness, laughter and a positive outlook are gifts to pass along – so get out there and start giving!

For more feel-good guidance, start your 7-day free trial my 10-Week Plan! I pass along inspirational tips to keep you happy and motivated in your life goals – whether they be to get fit and toned, stay positive and happy, eat better, or connect with others. I think you will love it – so start today for more tips on living your best life!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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