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When you sign up for the LifeFit Membership, you’ll get full access to exercise and nutrition plans from Denise. That includes the highly successful 10-Week Plan in which she guides you through daily 30-minute workouts and outlines the right meals to reach your goals. Beyond the plans, you’ll also have access to more than 100 additional workout videos, so you can get up and get moving whenever and however works best for you.

Find the Right Food

Working with a certified nutritionist, Denise has created more than 100 healthy, varied, and tasty recipes. They’re designed around the idea that in order to eat and live well, you have to enjoy what you’re eating. You can search meals your dietary restrictions to find recipes with gluten-free, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly options. We will also have individual nutrition plans that help you focus on a specific dietary goal.

Get Fitter With a Team

To stay active and strong at any age, it takes a lot of personal dedication and hard work, but it also takes a community. Denise will be there to motivate you and bring you into her community of women looking to live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We’re constantly motivating and supporting one another, proving that we can get and stay fitter together.

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Not only does The LifeFit Membership connect you to workouts, recipes, and a community of women working through issues that we all face—it also provides you with exclusive content from industry experts. We’ll release new content regularly so that you’re able to build up your collection of LifeFit tools and create a lifestyle where you can live healthier and happier. Join us today.

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