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New Season, New Reason!

new season new reason

Hi Everyone!

Fall is here!  New season AND reason to live healthier.  I absolutely love fresh starts!  Setting new goals and accomplishing them is one of my favorite things to do!  And, I want to do that with all of YOU!

I am offering an amaaaazing deal this season: 50% off my 10 Week Plan PLUS my Total Body Toning DVD for FREE!!  This is a great way to jumpstart the Fall and get ahead of your New Year’s Goals!  What are you waiting for?  Sign up NOW!

Need help getting motivated?  Here are my TOP 3 tips to Healthy Living:

1. Just START!  It’s all about starting somewhere.  Get in the mindset that this is a start of something GREAT.  You are in control, and you can do this!  Months down the line, you’ll be looking back at yourself and realize just how far you’ve come.

2. Stay POSITIVE!  Find the joy in getting healthy.  Health is wealth.  You are able to enjoy all of the happiness in life because you are healthy.  That, in itself, should be your motivation.  I love what I do and that keeps me motivated.  What keeps you happy and motivated?  Is it a walk with your friend?  Being able to keep up with your kids or grandkids?  Either way, being positive will yield positive results!

3. Be CONSISTENT!  Consistency is key.  I can relate to wanting to sit on the couch and eat some junk food, but 16 days can easily ruin the progress you’ve made in 16 weeks.  It’s that easy to fall off track.  Don’t do it!  You’ve come way to far.  I exercise to feel good, and I know that I don’t feel good when I don’t.  The same goes when I eat healthy and vice-versa.  Keep up your healthy lifestyle and you will feel and look your very best!

Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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