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Sexy Legs and A Firmed-Up Tushie!


Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had an amaaaaazing weekend!! Now it’s time to start this week off right with one of my favorite moves for our lower body to get sexy legs. Let’s learn how to do the perfect lunge! Doing it right is so important. The lunge is a great movement for toning the thighs, lifting the booty and slimming the hips. Lunges even offer something that many exercises don’t — a good stretch! Depending on your depth and range of motion, lunges help to increase flexibility in your hips. I love lunges because this one move strengthens and sculpts several different muscles of the body to firm up your hips, thighs and buttocks! You can’t get a better exercise for your time than the lunge.

Watch my video to make sure you are performing the lunge correctly in order to efficiently tone your lower body for sexy summer legs & prevent any injury! Now if you don’t have a step, that’s okay! Go to the bottom of your staircase, or a curb. You can do a lunge without any step, but you’ll really feel the burn in your butt when you STEP it up!

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Love always from your personal trainer,


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Hell Jean,

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XO Team Denise

I am ready to get started

I just love your positive attitude. Thank you Denise and have a wonderful day!!