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Stacia’s Amazing Transformation!

stacia before and after

Hi Everyone,

I’m so proud of everyone who has been losing weight and getting healthy on my 10-Week Plan!  I can’t tell you how much your stories mean to me.  You are all so incredible!  Here’s one I wanted to share it with all of you because I know you’ll all find it inspiring, too.

This is Stacia. She is a busy mother of four who despite her busy schedule has worked hard and had great success on my 10-Week Plan, managing to go from a size 14 to a size 4 in the first 9 weeks of the program! Stacia has now signed up for her second round of the 10-week, 360 Plan. Here’s what Stacia has to say…

“I am 45 years old, I live in Washington state. I am married and have 4 children. Three girls 11-17 and a boy 23. Our son is severely disabled and lives with us. All four of our children are amazing. I homeschool our youngest and am a homemaker. I had always been thin until after my fourth child. Somehow I managed to get up to 204 lbs. I felt terrible. So one day I decided to lose weight. I got down to 192 on my own, but then kinda got stuck and didn’t know how to keep going. By chance I saw Denise Austin’s new program online. I signed up right away. I have followed her menu and workouts 100%. The day I started I was in a size 14. Yesterday I bought a size 4. I’m in week 9, I feel amazing and am so happy. We live on the beach and I can actually kayak and take long walks and truly enjoy it! Two of my closest friends have just signed up and are loving it too. The program has shown me how to eat right and I finally have a healthy relationship with food. My whole family likes the meals I have cooked for the 9 weeks. I don’t feel like I’ve been on a diet. And I’m confident I will keep making healthy choices. I love the fact I can have access to the recipes and workouts for such a low price. It’s cheaper than a gym, which I can’t really get to anyway from where I live. Thank you all so much! From Stacia”

Congratulations, Stacia! You are AMAZING!

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Love always from Your Personal Trainer,

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I am starting when my meals are delivered next week–pumped up to lose pounds!

I’m starting the plan this coming Monday. I tried to get a couple of friends to sign up with me so we could be supportive of each other but neither one joined. Stacia’s story is inspiring to me & I hope I will have the motivation to work out the 10 weeks plan & start shedding off the pounds. I get lazy when it comes to planning meals & spending the time in the kitchen. I am truly hoping Denise’s plan makes it easy for me to follow it.

Very proud of inspiration. I started and did not finish but I am not giving up.

I actually ran into Stacia in the park a couple of weekends ago. She looked amazing! I was so inspired by her transformation that I signed up. Today is my first day and I am looking forward to getting healthy and fit. Thanks for the inspiration Stacia!

So proud of you, Stacia! Congrats and keep up the good work! You inspire us all!

That is so wonderful!! I’m really happy for you and your family!

Inspiring! Is so great ?

What a great success story! Thank you for sharing it.

Great job Stacia you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for showing me the DA program. You look great! See you soon.
With love,