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Staying Strong and Fit After 40

staying fit and strong after 40


Hi Everyone!  I want to share my tips on staying strong and fit after 40 with you all.  Keep these up and you WILL see the results!
1. Body toning. Nothing will droop or sag if muscles are firm and taut.


2. Do cardio to burn fat from the entire body.


3. Stretching to stay flexible and lean.


4. Eat healthy and organic meals (lean protein, fruits and vegetables) and drink 8 glasses of water every day.


5. Be optimistic. Always think and stay positive. Don’t beat yourself up. Think and act young with a positive attitude and always keep laughter and humor in your life. It’s the best medicine.


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Denise Austin 2016 Movement


Love always from Your Personal Trainer,


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Love this program!! Thank you for always putting yourself out there!! It helps so many people.

Just loving all this! After doing my two workouts, I got out of bed this morning a little sore, wondering, holy cow, how can I keep this up….well it was the walking one and I LOVED this. Burned a lot of calories but was more gentle on my body, but yet, it worked it! LOVE this program! 9 and a half weeks to go to looking and feeling better for 2016!!!

I got this!

Hoping 2016 a good year!! U inspire me, and give me confidence to live a better life. Thanks Lyn!!

I just celebrated another 40-something birthday and have a new granddaughter coming in March! I am motivated now more than ever to lose this extra weight and keep it off! Thank you so much for your motivation!!

Kris Bahr

Can I input additional exercise that I do that is not listed as one of your workouts

I am 47 and have been following you off and on for 25 years! I’ve been a paramedic for 13 years&spent 2015 going to nursing school full time. Needless to say I put on a few pounds ? Time to get back into shape! I’m following you (again!)! ☺️

I am 46 and have been exercising with you since college. Thank you so much for always encouraging everyone to be healthy. I look forward to the next ten weeks and being healthier and better in shape than before.
Paula McDaniel