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Summer is Coming! 10 Weeks to Your Bikini Body!

February 25th, 2015




Hi Everyone,

It’s the end of February and while it still seems like summer is far away, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to GET READY! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your sexy summer body ready before Memorial Day so you feel comfortable in a bathing suit or those cute sheath dresses that show off your hot summer toned arms?!

It takes time to reshape your body and change your lifestyle to healthy habits! But I promise if we do this together, you’re going to look and feel FABULOUS this summer, and I will be your personal trainer. So let’s get motivated to get Bikini Ready!!!

Here are a few easy tips on how to jump on it and make it easy:

  1. Inspire Each Other To Get Ready For Summer. Find a girlfriend and plan a regular time to workout together. This really helps me stick with and look forward to my workouts. Every Sunday, I call my sisters to set up exercise dates for the week. I love that I can stay in shape and stay in touch with my girls—my BFF workout. You’re also keeping each other accountable! Make it a game—when you’re not working out together, you can email or text your workout log to him or her each week. When you know someone else is “watching” you’re more likely to stick with it. You can also do this in my plan by signing up with a buddy and tracking and graphing your progress and your friend’s progress really easily.
  2. Have a Detailed Plan Make it really easy on yourself by putting together a calendar with your all the details of your eating and exercise plans for the week, keeping well-balanced diets with low calories and tons of fruits and veggies . Want to take out the guess work? Join my plan at My daily workouts and meal plans make it easy–no counting calories, healthy clean food that teaches you how to do it yourself and the daily workout that offers a variety of exercises that target and tone the whole body while mixing in lots of cardio. This makes it all a no-brainer. Simply follow the plan and get your hot bikini body in 10 weeks!
  3. Pick a time of day that you’re going to exercise and stick with it. This way it becomes part of your schedule and makes you feel more committed. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t want to break. Map it out so your day doesn’t get ahead of you. And swimsuit season doesn’t wait for anyone!
  4. Slip on your workout clothes and don’t take them off until you sweat. This is one of the biggest things I do to stay motivated. The second I wake up, I put on my workout clothes and sneakers because I know that I won’t take them off until I’ve squeezed in a workout. Then DO IT!
  5. Work out every part of the body. High energy cardio like my Fat Blasting Cardio workout will help you burn belly fat, my Total Body Toning workout will help to firm up your abs and lift that booty! And here’s one—the reverse plank to help you tighten up your abs, firm your arms, tighten your butt and strengthen your core so your tummy is flat and you feel great.


reverse plank


  1. Keep a food log. Studies show that people who kept food journals lost more weight than those who didn’t. Also, knowing that you have to jot down what you put in your mouth can prevent mindless eating and inspire you to choose more healthy options. If it’s too much work to do this, consider my plan—the meal plan is already worked out for you.
  2. Drink lots of water. I recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day to maintain healthy hydration.
  3. Reward yourself for small victories. Give yourself a non-food reward after a week’s worth of healthy eating and exercise–a hot bath with candles, a manicure (try a hot new color!), or brighten your house up and your senses with some fragrant, fresh flowers.

There’s no time like NOW! You CAN be ready for summer. Just imagine–10 weeks from now you’ll be rocking your sexy new body and you’re going to feel great about yourself! Want to take the brainwork out of it? Join my plan: and we can do it together.

Stay fit forever!

Love always,