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TBT! Stretch Your Way To Fit!

Hi Everyone!

I love to stretch! It makes me feel so good! And stretching is so important, especially after working out! On this week’s TBT video blog, I take you through one of my relaxing cool down stretches after a great legs, abs and core workout from my Daily Workout TV Show!

Studies show that stretching can help improve the range of motion in your joints and stretching before and after a workout can help decrease your risk of injury, whether you’re running, dancing or hitting the gym. So don’t forget to stretch!

Stretching is great and using the right form is key. All my workouts always include stretching along with movement as a part of the warm up, as well as a relaxing cool down stretch, where I guide you through the proper techniques to use for each type of stretch. Having the right alignment protects your joints and breathing into your stretches while lengthening and elongating increases the blood flow to your muscles.

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Stay fit forever!

Love always,

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