How Can You Burn Calories During The Holidays? Try These 3 Moves!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | December 14, 2019 | Workouts

It’s holiday time – my favorite time of the year… and if you want to burn calories during the holidays, then try these quick and effective moves! They are my tried and true “Fidget-cisers,” and you can get more of these in my FREE 25 Days of Fitness Challenge going on RIGHT NOW! Sign up today and don’t miss out on my Fidget-cisers, Tension Tamers, under-10-minute workouts, recipes and more! All are great ways to burn calories during the holidays… simple, quick and they work!

This “How Can You Burn Calories During The Holidays?” video includes 3 moves:

  1. A squat. This squat works not only your legs, thighs and booty, but your abs too! It’s a good way to banish the jiggly bits and cellulite and turn it into muscle… which in turn helps boost your metabolism which then means you are burning more calories! What’s not to love about this move??? Give it a try, and aim for at least 20 of these every day. (And if you have knee issues, read how to do a lower body move with no knee pain!)
  2. Leg lifts. This is a do anywhere, anytime move for the holidays. You can do these while waiting in line, cooking, talking on the phone – if can do stand up right now, do it and get your legs moving! So good for the saddlebag area, which a lot of women find hard to target.
  3. Chest opener stretch. This is a wonderful way to release stress and tension, especially if you have been bending over wrapping gifts – a great way to open up the upper back and shoulder areas. It’s one of my favorites, and it feels so good! You can also try these Pilates moves¬†for more stretching…feels so wonderful!

And don’t forget to sign up for my 25 Days of Fitness Challenge – it’s free and it’s fabulous!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video transcript:

During the holidays. So many women ask me, Denise, how do I stay slim and stress free during the holidays? How to burn some calories cause we do overeat during the holidays. Just don’t stand by that buffet table cause you just keep eating mindlessly. But here’s what I do, because I love my exercise called Fidget-cisers – they work. You can do them throughout the day anytime to squeeze in some toning time.

The first one I always do is a squat. That’s right. You just tap the chair or the couch and it works your thighs, it works your bottom and tighten up your tummy and it works your tummy too. So you’re really getting a great workout. Just a few to really tone those bottoms.

The other exercise I love to do are leg lifts. Just when you’re in the kitchen anytime, anywhere, just go ahead and work those thighs. All these exercises truly work if you just do them on a regular basis through the holidays.

And it’s also great to stretch. So this is my favorite stretch. Open up your chest and release. Open up your chest. Oh no more tension. Come on, you can do it. And all of these exercises are free if you’ve signed up for my 25 days of Fitness Challenge. So go ahead and sign up. We get a lot more fitness tips!

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