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Denise Austin Presents LifeFit 360: A Plan for Fitness Inside and Out

Make your health and fitness goals happen! Exercise, nutrition and well-being – it’s all here in my LifeFit 360 Plan. You get access to the Denise Austin library with hundreds of my workout videos, my database of healthy recipes, new challenges and plans, plus tons of motivation and inspiration to keep you going. Take the first step to getting strong, losing weight, eating right and feeling positive – start your free trial today!


Full Body Toning Exercises with Denise Austin

My newest addition to our Challenges and Plans! Check out my Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge. Featuring online videos and day-by-day guidance on workout combinations, these full body toning exercises will help keep you active and engaged. From cardio to yoga, whole body to target areas, I designed this workout program to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. Even if you only have 10 minutes to exercise, you can do this!


Denise Austin: Sharing a Lifetime of Integrated Wellness

Denise Austin, a trusted expert, inspires women who want to live an active, healthy and integrated lifestyle. Drawing from her 30 years of experience as a renowned fitness expert, her smart guidance on fitness, nutrition and wellness and her unfailingly positive outlook towards well-being, she helps women gain the motivation, knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. And she has incorporated all of this into her LifeFit 360 plan.


The LifeFit 360 Blog: More from Denise Austin and LifeFit 360

Denise Austin regularly shares her expertise and motivation in our LifeFit 360 blog posts. Find out how to exercise for great results (even if you only have a block of 10 minutes!), learn Denise’s secrets for healthy eating (and yummy recipes too) and get inspired to achieve your own healthy, integrated lifestyle. From quick tips to short videos, these blog posts are an easy extension of the LifeFit 360 plan.