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by Denise Austin | 
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to DAY 3 of my 10-Day Plank Challenge!  The photos you've been posting are AMAZING!!!! I'm going to be sharing with you different variations of the plank each day of the challenge, target toning different muscles to help build a strong and healthy core.

Plank Challenge:

Today’s challenge is the High Plank.  The High Plank is the foundation of the plank—it’s the top of a push up.  It's all about those abs, abs, abs---keeping your core strong!  The key to the plank is balance and coordination. Keep your torso still, keep everything still and don’t forget to take nice deep breaths inhaling and exhaling!

For the High Plank, you want to be sure to keep your wrists in line with your shoulders.  Then place your feet together, try not to let your shoulders drop, and keep your buttocks low so you form a strong, straight line from your heels to your head like a board---that's why it's called the plank!   Squeeze your buttocks and pull your navel in, firmly engaging your abs. Maintain this high push up position while you elongate your spine and engage all your muscles.


Your ultimate goal is to try and hold this plank for 1 minute while taking deep breaths---remember, oxygen equals energy! The plank takes strength so you may need to build up to it to keep it going for a full minute. If you need to start on your knees in a modified push up position, that’s okay. Elongate your body, lengthen it, strengthen it, and zip up those abs!


The plank is an isometric exercise, or modified resistance training, which means you contract a muscle or a muscle group without causing movement of a joint. It’s also one of the best ways to get rock hard abs because it's working the underlying muscle of the tummy--your transverse abdominis—the deepest layer of muscle in your abdomen that lies underneath your rectus abdominis.  Your transverse abdominis is the muscle that helps keep your abdominal muscles in.  Strengthening this specific muscle creates a natural girdle for the front and side of your mid-section.  By strengthening your core muscles you flatten your tummy like a natural corset and it helps you stand taller, too!

Keep posting your pics to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PlanksALotDenise.  I LOVE seeing your pictures!  And for more fitness information and guidance like this, start your 7-day FREE trial of my LifeFit 360 Plan!

Good luck and keep up the great work!!!  YOU are WORTH IT!

Love Always From Your Personal Trainer,