December Good Morning Stretch Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
2020 is almost over, so let's make this last month of the year one that is fulfilling, healthy and positive!! One way to achieve this is by caring for yourself... it's so important to make your health a priority, so let's start with a little movement, with this 5-minute December Good Morning Stretch Workout!

It will help wake you up, will get your blood moving, help your joints and muscles loosen up, so you can take on the day with a good attitude! I hope you liked this year's series of Good Morning Stretch Workouts - you can see all of the ones I did in the links below - I love doing them, bringing free workouts to all my readers. It's a healthy way to help others, and I just love it!

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In the meantime, do my 5-minute December Wake Up Stretch Workout!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,


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Video transcript

Welcome to your December wake up stretch. You can do it. You should feel so much better. If you wake up and squeeze in a little stretching and toning, which we're going to do today. So here we go. Five minutes of a great way to get your energy going. And we all need it during the holidays. So this begins starting with a good deep breath, inhale and exhale. Beautiful. One more deep cleansing breath, bringing in the deep, good oxygen and letting out any stress. Yes, just let it go. Okay. Let's warm up through the chest. Getting some oxygen flow through the body. That's it stretch it like you're swimming backwards. That's it. Back crawl stroke. It opens up the chest and gives you the oxygen uptake. That's it. Good. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful ticket way back. Beautiful. Great for circulation. Great to get rid of tension.

One more back. Good. Now we go forward all the way forward circle, stomach and back strong and straight, and really feel the reach. Now you're swimming the cross stroke. Come on forward. Reach that's it. Stretch and reach. Good. Two more. Stretch it out. Last one, relax and slowly. Bring your arms across and let's work the waistline. That's it. This is now working the sides of your waist, your oblique muscles. That's it really reach great for right here. Right here. You guys come on. Just feel the body laid thin and strengthen. That's it. Beautiful. Great. Really feel the body reaching too hard. That's one. Good. And now let's do a little twist standing up nice and tall. Keeping your knees bent to protect your spot and do little twist. That's it just twist rotating the spine so important to keeping your spine moving in all directions floor we're back side into us.

That's it. We got two more. Last one twist. Okay. Reach your arms all about now, lengthen and really use your body. Squeeze your bottom. Tighten up that tissue. You got it. Arranged. Feel the body lifting and toning. We got too much. Just like a really feel good stretch. Moving meditation. That's it. Last one. And I'll bring it down and bring it up. Reach, bring it down that up and lift all the way up. That's it really feel it. This is a full body stretch. Really relaxed. Just breathe. Let yourself go. That's it. Oh, it feels so good. Last one. And stretch tone. Stretch your leg out in front. That's it just hold that stress. Feel the late in your hamstrings. So important to keep your back strong, keeping your hamstrings flexible. If your hamstrings are really tight, it tugs on your lower back. So that's why stretching your hamstrings are so important.

Just hold that stretch. That's it great. And shift to the other side, stretch the other hamstring lean forward and really kind of almost stick out that rear end. Stretch it way back there. So you feel the little lengthen your legs. That's a good stretch. That's that stretch back. Good. Okay. Now so important for your hips to stay loose. Keeping your hip self is so important and keeping them really flexible to working through the joint, to keep it mobile, to keep it really good fluid. That's it smooth to more circular that's it. And the other side all the way around. Good for your joints. That's it. Great. We got two more. Last one. Now to open up the chest, hold your hands behind you. Lift your hands. I can stretch behind you. Now look up at the ceiling. This is a great chest opener. So important stretch or mind you that's it.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, beautiful release. Now placing your hands behind you. Reach your elbows back. Just reach back tummy tight don't arch, squeeze the ball and bring your elbows together. That's it. Bring them out. Open up your chest, improve your posture. You're going to feel so good today because you're doing something good for your body. For your mind, for your soul. Last one, touch him front, pull back, stretch back, stretch. Hold it open. Hold it open and release. Beautiful. Now circle all the way around for your knees. Keeping all your joints healthy. That's it beautiful. We got two more. Last one and relax taking a deep cleansing breath together. Bring in the oxygen equals energy. Let out any stress, just exhale it out. Beautiful. There's your December morning stretch. You can do it. Stay healthy. You guys. I love you all. Happy holidays.