Fall Cleaning Tips!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
As we transition into a new season, I like to take stock of how my home can help me make the most of the next few months. Here are some of my fall cleaning tips!

Kitchen. Knowing cooler weather will be coming, I like to make sure my heavier pots and pans are front and center, so I can make stews, soups, casseroles and heartier meals easily.  I also create an ongoing list of seasonal foods I should begin to look for at the grocery, and organize my fall recipes so they are front and center when I need an idea for a meal. I then get everything out of the refrigerator and pantry, clean them with soap and water, toss anything that needs to go, and reorganize/replace with those seasonal foods. Finally, I move items that are summery to the back of my cabinets, like lemonade glasses and summery plates and placemats, replacing them with items I will be using over the holidays when we entertain guests. 

Living Room/Bedroom. I love fun, seasonal home accessories, so this is the time I wash and store my summer pillows and throws and bring out the cooler weather items that have beautiful fall hues. I also give everything that will be staying around a good washing - comforter, duvet cover, sofa covers, etc. to get rid of dirt and dust and freshen everything up. They feel like new rooms after I do this!

Closets. The fun part! What works best for me is to take everything out of my closet, throw it on the bed, and then sort. I create a donate pile for summer items now better suited for someone else; a keep pile for items that I will continue to wear; and a store pile for things I will use next year. Then I wash what needs to be cleaned, place back in my closet or store away, and bring my fall items out of storage and do the same. Then I repeat with my drawers and am ready to go with a "new" fall wardrobe!

Outdoor Areas. Since we live in a temperate climate and are lucky enough to be outdoors year-round, I don't have to store anything, but I do clean all the furniture and give the spaces a good washing to get rid of any dirt. I like to freshen up the space with a new candle that looks seasonal, too, and bring out any seasonal decorations I will be putting up.

Regardless of where you live, a new season is good time to take a few days to wash everything you can, as that can help minimize allergens and dirt, and to replace the filters in your fans, heating equipment, appliances, etc. I hope these tips help you transition into fall!

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