Healthy Halloween Tricks And Treats!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Denise Austin Barre Toning

Hi everyone!  It’s almost Halloween, which means lots and lots of sweet treats!  Balance out your sweet tooth by working out with me tomorrow morning!  It is Week 6 of my #FallFitnessFreebies Series, and we will be doing Barre Toning!  I love Barre!  It works out so many different muscle groups and helps to lengthen and strengthen, especially in your thighs.  Grab your chair and I’ll meet you here at 9AM EDT tomorrow morning so we can all get those beautiful ballerina legs!

Denise Austin Barre Toning

If you’re like me, you LOOOOVE sweets!  I know I do, and sometimes it’s hard to say “no” during this time of the year.  One of my favorite times when my daughters were little was taking them out trick or treating.  I couldn’t wait to come back and pick out my favorites from their candy bags.  Just like a lot of things in life, everything in MODERATION.  You can have sweets but not too much.  Try out my 3 tips on staying healthy during Halloween:

1.  Eat before you trick or treat.  Have yourself a well balanced meal full of protein and greens so you’re not hungry around all of these sweets.  It will lessen your cravings for that chocolate bar!

2.  Bring a healthy snack.  Having your own healthy alternative during this time will help you avoid those sugary treats.

3.  Keep a record of your sweet treats.  During Halloween, it is easy to just grab a piece of candy here and there without realizing how many you’ve actually eaten.  Be aware of what you are eating.  Allow yourself to have one treat, but don’t overdue it.

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