New Pilates Workout To Lengthen And Lean Your Body!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
If you are looking for a New Year's challenge that will transform your body, then try my new Pilates workout to lengthen and lean your body! Pilates may not be as well known as yoga, but this workout style is similar in how it lengthens your body, stretching your muscles to help you feel long, graceful and strong. And because there is a focus on movements that work the core, once you add Pilates to your workout routine, you WILL see and feel a difference in your belly area... you can say goodbye to menopause belly or a pouchy midsection, and say hello to a toned, strong core! You will stand straighter, feel energized and lean, and you will see a difference in your arms, legs, back and booty, too!

As part of my (healthy resolutions everyone should do!!) I created this quick and effective Pilates workout! All you need is a mat and 6 minutes! We will work the core with moves like a T-stand, the Mermaid, the Bicycle and more! These Pilates moves really work your abs and the sides of the waistline, so you can create a sleek, defined appearance in your midsection - a new Pilates workout to lengthen and lean your body!

And if you want even more stretching and toning workouts, check out my plan! You will get immediate access to hundreds of workouts! Each of my routines starts with a warm up, and ends with a nice stretching routine. I also have Pilates and yoga workouts, and even a Yoga Refresh Challenge! Any level can participate, so if you are a beginner or haven't worked out in a while, don't worry - you can still do some of the workouts... and work your way up to different levels! You can do this - make the commitment to get fit and feel great!


Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,


Video transcript:


Welcome to your five minute Pilates workout. It's quick. It's easy, and you could do it. Let's all get ready for the new decade, 2020 do it together. Working on our ads. We're going to start in mermaid sitting on the sides of your hips. That's it. Stretch it out and to the other side. Great for the waistline. Great for your back. We're going to really focus on the core muscles side, the side. Stretch it out. Last one, stretch and to the side. Beautiful. And let's begin right here. Strengthen your spine by lifting one leg and the opposite arm lifted up. Hold it. Pull your abs in. Strengthen the abs, the core muscle, the center. That's it. And pull your elbow to your knee. Pull in and stretch it out. One more. Pull it in and stretch it out. And switch first. Hold the position. That's it. Lengthen your neck, lengthen your legs, stretch your arms.

Inhale here and exhale as your knee comes towards your elbow area, reach it back up and make sure you pull your belly button up. And then so using your abs core muscles, inhale up and exhale. Pull, feel it beautiful and hold, hold, hold. And to the side that's work on the sides of the waistline. Lengthen through your hips. Lengthen up through the rib cage. That's it. Now as you lift up, then you're going to round your back and round your tummy. Pull your tummy in like a C. really pulling those abs and lift it back up. That's it. Inhaled here and curl. That's it. Come on. Really hollow out those abs. And one more. Inhale up and hollow out your abs. Pull that belly button up and then make it. Pull it in skinny. That's it. Oh, okay. And now try right now, a little bit of oppose.

This is called T stand. If you can't, if not police the one leg down in hole, that's it. Go to the next level. Challenge yourself this year. Come on, give it all you got. Challenges, help me change the body. Change the muscles to make them stronger. Oh, okay. And let's go to the other side. Lift up first. Hold it up here. Lift and lengthen through the spine. Inhale up and really pull in those ads. Pulls in, belly button in and come back up. Inhale, hollow out your abs. Pull it in like a C up in, in the abs. One more try. And we're training your abs to pull in. Not pooch out. Pull in your abs belly towards the spy and lift up. Beautiful. Hold it up there. Hold it up. That's it. And now if you can try the next level to a tee stand. Hold. That's it. Pull your abs up and then pull your tummy in. Squeeze your buttocks together, squeeze your inner thighs together. Hold it there. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Okay, now it's time to do a rule down. So sit up nice and tall. Rural down one vertebrae at a time. Pull one knee up and whole single leg stretch and switch and switch. Chin is up. That's it. Use your abdominals. Hold it up there. Beautiful. And now if you can, we're going to strengthen a length in the legs, length in the legs. Hold it. Breathe.

Beautiful. Two more. Yeah.

And last one, we twist bicycles, twist flat, belly belly button. Push into the ground. Oh wow. That's it. Use your abdominals. Two more. Last one, and release. And now slowly place your hands underneath your hips. Lift your legs up and do little babies. Scissors. That's it. Scissors. Straighten your legs if you can. That's great. Now slowly lift your neck and shoulders off the ground and your head and bring it on down. Bring it on back. Scissor, scissor. That's it. Come back up. Come all the way back up. That's it. I have one more time. Take it down. Use your abdominals. The core, the  movement is in the abs. Okay. And hold it. Relax. That's it. Bring your knees to your chest and now place your hands on your thighs. And now lift your buttocks up. Place your hands down and hold it up. Lift one leg off the floor if you can. And baby lips. Hold it, hold it open up through the chest. Stomach is in and release. The other leg comes up. Come on, you could do it. Lift it, give it a try and relax. Hold your hips together now knees together, toes together, and hold it up. Hip, side to side. That's it. And now slowly roll up and take a nice deep cleansing breath together. Inhale and exhale. Give yourself a big hand. You did it. Proud of you.