3 Style Secrets For Your Spring Outfits!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! One of my fashion mantras is that looking good is feeling good - and this is true for any age and body type! When you feel confident, you can accomplish anything, and sometimes that confidence comes from what you wear. Whether it's finding your own personal style, trying out new trends, or upcycling your wardrobe and adding in some little updates, fashion should be fun! 

Below are some of my spring fashion secrets that any woman of any age can add this season to make what you wear flattering, comfortable and exciting. Some are from my new magazine, Fit Over 50: Spring Fitness Challenge available online and in stores now! I have an entire fashion spread all about how it's never too late to feel sexy, with tips on how to feel your best at any age. Give these a try, and you WILL feel amazing!

Style Secrets for Your Spring Outfits

Swap out the dark clothing for bold, bright colors! Winter is in the past, so let's embrace spring with fun colors! Bold colors can really perk up your complexion, draw attention to your positive attitude, and help you stand out. Colors like pink and red are actually shown to release our feel-good hormones and make us feel happier. So throw on a pink or red dress, accessory or pair of shoes!

Freshen up your wardrobe with some new accessories! You don't have to spend a lot to make your wardrobe look updated. A simple swap-in of on-trend accessories can make a world of difference, and take even jeans and a tee to a whole new level. A fun hat, some dangly earrings, or a new belt will draw attention, for a fraction of replacing your clothes that may be a few years old. You can even start by shopping your closet - look for accessories you haven't worn in a while and give them a whirl!

(Light) layer up! Not as in heavy winter layers, but light, spring-time layers! Now is the perfect time to break out your sleeveless tops and show off your shoulders, but be sure to bring along a light cardigan or wrap in case it gets chilly. I love the look of showing off the sexy clavicle and shoulder area, with a little bit of a cover up so you can reveal how beautiful you are - but still stay warm as needed. Whether it's an embellished tank top or a sexy halter, this is a sure-fire way to exude all that confidence that's been hiding away during winter!

I hope you like these style secrets for spring - you can get even more ideas on fashion, lifestyle, eating and exercise in my latest Fit Over 50 magazine! You are worth it!

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