4 Ways To Get Fit For Summer

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Want to get fit for summer??!! Let me make it SIMPLE for you - sign up for my FREE 14-Day Summer Slimmer Challenge! This Summer Workout Challenge will help you get fit, firm and fabulous for summer!!! It kicks off on Monday, July 6, so sign up now!

Every day for 14 days you will get a different beachy-themed workout: target tone areas of the body like the arms, booty, abs and legs so you look amazing in your swimsuit! It's a great way to boost your metabolism, too! Or do a cardio fat-blasting workout that will burn calories and blast fat! I even include yoga workouts so you can get long, lean and sexy beach legs... you can do this!!

This Summer Slimmer Challenge has all the tools to help you get fit and fun ... but how do you stick with a new workout plan? Try these suggestions - they work for me, and I have been doing this for 40 years!!

For a successful Summer Workout Challenge:

Make a commitment to get fit.  It really isn't hard to get fit - all you have to do is say to yourself that your health is important, and you are going to make at least 30 minutes each day focused on improving it! It's that simple! Once you make that little pledge with yourself, it can help to schedule in when you will work out. The beauty of my Summer Slimmer Challenge (and the more expansive DeniseAustin.com membership) is that you can workout anywhere, anytime - do the workouts from your phone or computer. Hundreds of fun, effective workouts are just a click away. Just make a commitment to yourself and your health to get fit - you will feel and look great!

Stick with that commitment! Now this is where some people have a little bit of difficulty - but I am here to tell you I will help you make this the easy part!! Both my Summer Slimmer Challenge and a DeniseAustin.com membership will provide you with emails that cover the workouts you should be doing. There is no guessing, no wondering, and no reason not to jump in for 30 minutes of workouts that WILL change how you look and feel!

Keep it flexible. If you can't do your regularly scheduled workout, are short on time, or just "not feeling it," don't worry! Do 10 or 15 minutes, and do the rest later. EVERY BIT COUNTS!! And as a DeniseAustin.com member, you have access to 10- and 20-minute workouts, plus dozens of variations in each of the categories of workouts. And an added bonus? When you start your free trial, you will get even more content in the Summer Slimmer Challenge - exercise boosters, self-care tips and more! That's just one benefit of being a DeniseAustin.com member!!

Measure your success. The good news is that if you stick with my plan, you will see results! And measuring your results is a great way to stay on track. So take a picture of yourself before you begin either my Summer Slimmer Challenge or when you become a DeniseAustin.com member, and then again when you are done with the 14 days or the 10-week plan. You will see a difference if you stick with it! Members have lost dozens of pounds on my 10-Week Plan, so I know it's true!

So let's do this! You are worth it - let's make this summer healthy, happy and fit!!!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,