7 Days To A Stronger YOU!!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
If you are looking for an age-defying workout plan tailored to help you slim down, tone up and improve your energy, my 7 Days to WOW workout plan can help you get stronger in just 7 days! My latest magazine is out now, and the title "Fit Over 50: Spring Training" is the perfect summary - all the content inside is geared to helping you "train" for a healthy, fun, rewarding season! From foods and fashion to mindfulness and women's health, I've got you covered.

And in the fitness section, I present a complete 7-day plan to help anyone get started on a healthier path to exercise. These exercises will help you tone from head to toe, no matter what level you are at now. This plan includes:

Cardio. My walking workout is a great way to get in heart-healthy cardio... and you can do it anywhere! All you need is a good pair of walking shoes!

Upper and Lower Body Strength Training Routines. Building muscle after the age of 50 is so important to healthy longevity. Since we lose muscle mass as we get older, a strength-training routine is a MUST for anyone who wants to replace sagging muscles with lean, sexy ones - no matter what your age! An added bonus is that muscle helps burn calories, so you can more easily keep your weight in check! My 7 Days to WOW plan includes three strength-training workouts comprised of a total of 27 exercises... Simple moves that will have a big impact on your body.

Yoga. Improve your flexibility and posture - while strengthening your entire body - with my yoga routine. Nine moves that will engage your entire body to help you stand tall and move with ease. Plus, it helps to relax the mind and ease anxiety, a win-win!

Pilates. If a longer, leaner body is on your wishlist, make it a reality with my Pilates routine! Nine moves that engage the core to help create a flatter belly and stronger back. You can do these moves anywhere, all you need is a rug or a mat.

My 7 Days to WOW plan is the perfect jump start on getting for summer, so check out my latest issue of Fit Over 50: Spring Training for the workout! You can even cut out the summary and put it on your fridge for more motivation!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!