A Cardio Workout That You Will Love

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Are you one that doesn't love to do cardio? Well I have a workout that you need to try. A fun kickboxing routine - and the good news is, it's only 8-minutes long! At less than ten minutes anyone can squeeze this routine into their schedule a few times each week. This has been my philosophy as long as I can remember - get in little bits of movement as you can throughout the day and it adds up! Back to kickboxing, here are a few reasons why cardio kickboxing is great for you and why I love working it into my schedule often:

Great cardio. With the constant movement of your lower and upper body, your heart rate will get up to an optimal cardio level. And the best part is it's all low-impact, so you are taking care of your joints and you back while still getting your heart rate up. A win win!

Strength training. A two-for-one workout here, cardio kickboxing really works to strengthen your muscles from head to toe! Doing punches will strengthen your arms, and secondarily work your back and core also - especially when punch across your body. Really concentrate on squeezing your abs and feeling it in your back. The large muscles in your lower body really come into play also. The various kicks will work your quads, hamstrings and glutes!

It's FUN! As you can see from what we talked about above, kickboxing is great for your muscles, your heart, but I really believe you will have fun doing it - which is sometimes the most important thing of all. I've always said the best workout is the one you will do!

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Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!!


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Quick Cardio Kickboxing Transcript:
Welcome to your fabulous workout. Now it's time to warm up. So let's begin. Stretch it all the way up and relax. Let's take a deep breath together. Bring in that oxygen that equals energy and let it out. Okay, let's stretch it out. Using your thigh muscles to warm you up quicker. Firming and toning from head to toe. Let's warm up. It's an easy way to ease into your workout. That's it. Stretch. Use your thigh muscles, getting the oxygen to flow. Excellent. Stretch in front. Now this is great for the low back. Really loosen it up. That's it. Great. Really reach over. Pull in your tummy. That's great. Two more just like that. Last one. Now we're taking it back up. Two and over to the side again. And reach tall. Straightening and lengthening your spine. It's a reach. You got it. And stretch. Beautiful. Two more up. That's it. And over. Good. Now stay right here and reach towards your knees. Enter an outer thigh warmup. That's it. Great. Shift your weight side to side. Putting your hips back there. That's it. Feeling the stretch in your legs, in your waistline. Excellent. Great. Two more. Last one. Okay. Take it up and down. Now lift and lower the leg. Stretch and tongue lift two more. Last one. And take it to the other side. Really think about good posture. Lift. That's it. Stretching and reaching. Good feeling the whole body. Last one. Good and warm up your hips, your thighs, your legs, your knees. Great. And to the other side. Good. All the way around. There you go. Good circulation. Now. Important for your hips. Loosening up through your hips. That's it. Really. Circle all the way around. Keep that tummy tight. You got it. And reverse all the way. This is warming up through your back, through your hips. Great. From head to toe. Last one. Good. And take a deep breath. Breathe in that oxygen. Inhale and exhale. Now you're ready.

Now it's time for a little low impact aerobic. We're gonna do kickboxing today. So let's get started. Stay low. Think about having your arms up. You're ready? Yes. Pull in your abs. Strong backs. That's it. Now hold it right here and run side to side using your inner and outer thighs. Now we're gonna add a little bit of a punch to the side. Punch it out. That's it. Little kickboxing. Yes. Arms and legs too. Good. Just cross it over. Punch it right back. Protect that beautiful face. We're keeping it all low impact. Yes. Easy on the joints, but we're really working out. Good. Hold it strong. You can do it. Last two. Good. Last one. Okay. To hold it right here and kick it back down. Kick it back. Good. Really kick you got it. Kick. It's a lunge down. Almost like a squat. And it's a kick back. Good. Down kick. Squeeze your buttocks. Tighten up that tushy. Good. That's it. Kick back. You got it down. And push through your heel. That's it. Last one. Good. Let's go to the other side. Shift down like a squat and push it out. That's it. Good. Kick back. Great back kick. Keep it in and kick it. Good. Just push it out. You got it down. Squat down and push two more. Get strong. Get fit. You are worth it. Last one. Okay. Upper cuts. Now that's it. Pull. You're on. Let me see those. Beautiful biceps. You got 'em. Use them. Push it up. Good. Drive it up. Push your hips. Now turn. Yes. Burn it back. Come on. You can do it. You got it. Push good using your thigh muscles. So notice my legs and keep going down and up. Good. Like a little Dodge . Good. Pull it up. That's it. Baths two. Come on. Upper cut. Last one. Okay, now it's a cross. Good. This is now just a little press across. That's great. Can you get a little lower with your legs? Keeping that low impact. Still burning fat, keeping that metabolism going. Pull. Push. Good. Like an elbow strike. Pulled over. That's it. Great. Last one. Okay. All on one side. Now push. Good and pull it back. That's it. Strong bodies, strong minds. Cause you are worth it. Take it down. Push it up. Good. Elbow strike. Good. You got it. Two more. Push it. Elbow. Woo. Okay to the other side. Now strong bodies. Good. Push it across and down. You got it. Good. Your back Straight. Good. Keep it straight Pull. Great. Elbow strike. That's it. Use your thigh muscles. This is great. Lateral thigh muscles working either. And outer thighs. Last one. Oh, okay. Take a breather. Now we're gonna do a little jump rope. All the boxers always jump rope. That's right. It really gets you in cardiovascular shape. But we're just going to keep it low key. Keep your feet on the ground and let's work those arms. So you're working all the major vessel groups. Right down your arms, your legs. That's it. Good. Come on. Pretend you're jump roping. . That's it. Okay. And now double 'em up. Double 'em up. Beat together. That's it. Circle. Circle. And try it like this. I love this one. You can do it. Great. Crisscross. Good. That's it. Last one. Okay. Take a breather. Inhale and show me your muscles. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Now we go side to sun. Reach it out. That's it. You're gonna kick it. Gonna kick it. Good. And knee strike. Push it. That's it. Great for the abs too. Keep moving. That's it. Knee strike. Beautiful. You got it. Two more. Last one. Okay. Do the other time. Reach and kick it up and like your knees striking. That's it. Push. Get it up there. Get it up there. Yes. Come on, push it up. E. It's also great for the buttocks. Good. Two more. Last one. Okay. Just relax it out. Box it out. Yes. Take a breather. Inhale and circle the other way. Exhale. That's it. Good. You got it. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale out. That's great. One more deep breath together. Inhale and exhale. Great. If you love this quick fat burning workout, then you will love my 20 minute version over on my app. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at deniseaustin.com. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes. Eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit deniseaustin.com. Sign up for your free trial now.