5 Ways To Encourage a Positive Attitude

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
As much as I am known for loving exercise, I think I am equally as known for having a positive attitude - and it's true! I prefer a sunny attitude that looks at the world in an optimistic light, it just suits me. However, like everyone I have also have moments where I feel overwhelmed or less-than-cheerful about situations. That's part of life - the ups and downs! But if you want to feel more up than down, try these suggestions... I use them to turn my attitude around when I am feeling down, and also try to practice them daily to keep my positive attitude front and center all day long!

5 Ways To Encourage a Positive Attitude

  1. When feeling blah, go for a brisk walk. Exercise is a proven mood booster, and a 10-minute walk at a quick pace can do wonders for an attitude adjustment. I prefer an outdoor pick-me-up walk, because the sunshine and nature are extra mood boosters, but an indoor walk works too! (I am such a proponent of exercise for a better mood that I start each morning with one of my 5-minute Wake Up Workouts - give them a try for a week and see how much more positive you feel!).

  2. Try to compliment people a few times each day. I looooove giving other women a small but sincere compliment - it feels so good when someone else smiles and brightens up. Usually these compliments are more about visuals - a pretty dress, a nice smile - because that is the easiest to spot with a stranger. But don't overlook a compliment for a great laugh, extra helpful service, or a simple "I appreciate you" - it all counts and both you and the recipient will get a boost in positivity!

  3. Smile (and stand up straight). The simple act of smiling has been linked to a lifted mood... give it try right now - don't you already feel a little bit brighter?! Same with sitting or standing up straight: it gives you more confidence and a feeling that you can take on anything. These may seem old-fashioned, but remember that you are doing these for you - if you aren't comfortable smiling at a stranger, do it in your home, you will still feel the rewards in your elevated mood shift!

  4. Do some breathing exercises. An energizing breathing exercise can do wonders to reset your mood and give you a more positive attitude. Bee breath is a breathing exercise that has you humming like a bee when you exhale, which helps to relieve anxiety, stress and tension. You can do it anywhere: simply sit, close your eyes and smile. Place your index fingers on the cartilage between your cheek and ear, then inhale slowly through your nose, filling your belly with air as you do. Then as you exhale through your nose, keep your mouth closed and make a low-pitched "buzzing" or humming sound. After a few breaths, you should feel a shift in your mood!  

  5. Call a friend or loved one for an impromptu date! Being around loved ones is a positive experience in itself, so if you are feeling less-than-radiant, give a friend a call - even if they aren't available for an in-person meetup, a chat can work wonders too! 

I hope these positive attitude tips help you embrace the beautiful aspects of the world... you are worth it!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!