Abs & Booty Circuit!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! I have a great FREE workout for you all - a 5-Minute Abs & Booty Circuit! This workout will help you create a stronger core, which is not only important for getting a flatter tummy but also for back health, and a stronger lower body, so you can move with ease. 

What I love about this workout is:

- It works the abs and the sides of the waistline - without ever having to get on the floor!

- It will strengthen your lower half, creating firm, lean muscles without a lot of jarring or high-impact movement.

- You can do it anywhere you have a few feet of space, so it's perfect for holiday travel!

- It only takes five minutes! You can firm, tone and tighten in just a few minutes a day!

Give my 5-Minute Abs & Booty Circuit a try!

And if you really want to have some fun, get the whole family in on the action and do this together as a group! Family fitness is FUN fitness, I like to say! Hope you enjoy this workout - YOU are worth it!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!


Ab & Booty Circuit Video Transcript: 
Welcome to your five minute abs and booty circuit. So let's get started. The first exercise really target tones through the abdominals and pull in those abs. It also works the front of the tummy and the sides of the tummy. But make sure you're standing up nice and tall. Now place your hands behind your head and lay them through the spine. Feel your lift in the abdominals. Zip up those abs firm the abdominals by tightening them up. Feel like you're wrapping those abs all around. That's it. Belly button in. Pull up and in. That's it. 

Now we're gonna add a little twist. This is how you're gonna get the waistline of all those oblique muscles. They work and trim the sides of the waistline. That's it. Just twist. Pull the belly button towards your spine. You got this? Come on, twist. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. And now keep your arms right up there. We're gonna lift the leg and pull it down. Lift and touch. That's it. Now really target training the sides of the waistline. That's it. But always think good posture. And the leg you're standing on is really strong too. So this is working on your balance for your core muscles. Two more. That's it. Last one. Beautiful. 

Let's switch to the side. Pull your abs up and in and just do a nice crunch. It's like a side crunch, so it's all standing easy on the back. You got this great. And also it's so great if you pull in your tummy, really tighten it up. Great. Almost brace your abs. That's it. Two more like a girdle. Pull it in. Last one. Okay, let's work that booty. We're gonna take it down and lift up. Take it down and squeeze and tighten up that tushy. Look right from behind. Always make sure you're thinking about quality over quantity - is your back straight?  Good. Pull the abs up and in. Core muscles are strong. And your target tone right back here for that booty. We got one more lift and hold. Okay. Switch sides. 

Take it down and squeeze. You got this. Make sure when you're doing this, you're lifting your chest thinking about good technique, good alignment. You got it. Really squeeze right here. If you don't squeeze it, no one else will! Okay. You're working that booty. We got two more and then try to hold it. Last one. Okay. Hold it if you can. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Great. Okay, let's work side to side. 

Now, sitting way back in your heels, that's it working your back of your thighs and your booty, you can do this. Just shift your weight side to side. Really working on this lower part right here. Now with your arms straight out, lengthening through the spine, so you're getting a little bit of waistline and a little bit of booty. Now we're gonna twist to the side and add the waistline workout. You can do this. I love it. Take your time. Make sure you feel it through the waistline. Exhale, pull the belly button up and in and shift your weight side to side. Tighten for that booty. We've got two more. Last one. Okay. 

Standing up really tall, nice and tall. We're gonna just do a mini squat right now. So feet are a little wider than your hips and you're gonna sit down a little bit and squeeze it back up. Just sit down and up and add your arms reach. And as you come up, really tighten up through the butt. Each cheek, squeeze it. That's it. Great. Take your time. That's good. Working those muscles, working your muscles. Keep it toned and firmed.  Your muscles are nice and strong. We only have two more. You can do it. Last one. Beautiful. Hold it there. Now hold it. You can do it, Hold it, hold it good. And slowly come back up. That's it. 

Now I want you to do a circle all the way through your hips for the waistline and the booty. But as you squeeze all the way around, tighten your abs. Good. And reverse the circle. Squeeze through the buttocks. That's it. Tighten it all up. Good. That's one. Okay, now we go side to side. Reach out. Really reach. Can you reach a little further? You can do it. Great for the waistline line or ab muscles. Two more. Last one. Okay, take a deep breath in. And now out, beautiful. Stretch a little out through the buttocks and to the other side stretch. And there you have a beautiful five minute routine for your abs and your booty. You got it. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at denisaustin.com. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes. Eating plans. You will love it.