Ask Denise: Can I Avoid Age-Related Weight Gain?

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Hi Everyone! I get asked a lot how to eat healthy to stay young and how to prevent age-related weight gain... it's not a surprise - as we age, our metabolism tends to slow down. And unless we really focus on eating right AND getting enough exercise, this can lead to age-related weight gain. But the good news is that keeping your metabolism and weight in check can be easy, with the right tools and guidance.

My "Ask Denise: What Foods Should We Eat As We Get Older?" video will cover some simple foods to help you stay healthy as you get older. The main focus is on whole foods - so important as we age! Watch the video for more insight, and then use the nutrition tips below for help getting on a healthy eating path.

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Avoid Age-Related Weight Gain With My 5 Healthy Eating Tips

(Plus a Healthy Snack Recipe!)

1. Sit down when you eat. It’s too easy to forget about the foods that you pop in your mouth while cooking, clearing the table or standing.

2. Don’t eat while you’re on the phone, checking e-mail, or watching TV. One study found that people ate an average of over 40 percent more potato chips while watching TV than they did when they weren't tuning in to the tube. That’s not surprising, since being distracted means you don’t notice what you inhale.

3. Eat slowly and mindfully. It takes fifteen to twenty minutes after eating for your brain to register that you’re full. Eat too fast and you can take in more calories than your body actually wants or needs. Before you take seconds or give in to a giant dessert, wait. If you're still hungry half an hour later, then you truly didn’t eat enough and need more food. But chances are that you’ll be full. Remember, no one says you have to clean your plate!

4. Write down what you eat. Keeping a food log helps ward off mindless eating and allows you to be more conscious of every morsel. It also keeps you accountable - after all, if you have to write down that you ate that pizza crust off your child's plate or doughnut at a morning meeting, you’ll probably think twice. It worked well for women in one study, who lost seven pounds more than participants who didn’t jot down their snacks and meals. The eating plan included in my 10-Week Plan makes it so easy to track what you eat - all your meals and snacks are planned out for you, in two different calorie level choices. All the guesswork is gone, replaced with healthy, DELICIOUS foods that will keep your weight goals on track!

5. Don’t sip your calories away. It’s very easy to forget that certain beverages, like juice, soda, and coffee drinks, have calories because they typically don’t leave us feeling full. However, just one 8-ounce soda or juice can have more than a hundred calories, and a frothy, creamy creation from your favorite coffee shop can have hundreds. Your best bet is to stick with water. It’s calorie free, and, well, free!

Healthy Snack Recipe Bonus!

This quick snack is full of fiber, which will help keep you feeling full, and bright flavors - perfect for spring and summer!

-1 Flat cracker
-Lentil beans
-Olive oil
-Fresh basil leaves

Drizzle a couple of drops of olive oil onto the flat cracker. Then spread the hummus. Add lentil beans and fresh basil leaves on top. Squeeze some lemon on top and eat! A great snack full of lean healthy protein for an energy boost. And don't forget - more healthy snack ideas like this are available in my membership, so start your free trial today!

Let's live EVER BETTER™ - together!!


Ask Denise - Foods We should Eat As We Get Older Script

Hi everybody. So many of you have been asking what I eat to stay young. Well, the key is good eating habits is important. Remember, fruits and vegetables, they have fiber. They've got nutrients that our body needs. Vitamins, great for our hair and skin. Also, I love foods with Omega-3s. Want to know why it's good for our heart and our brain? So what are the foods that are good? Well, first of all, salmon. I try to eat salmon at least twice a week. I also do a lot of walnuts. That's good. Nuts are great. Flax seeds. Then also really good, healthy fats are important as we age too. So I love all of oil, avocado, all of those foods will keep us healthy and fit young and energetic. So for those of you that would like to learn more, log on to to find out about my Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan.