Cardio Tuesday: Yoga Fat Burner With Focus on Arms!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

One of my favorite forms of exercise is yoga, and this cardio yoga fat burner workout is a wonderful combination of stretching, yoga, and cardio! It will help you blast fat AND tone up those arms - no more bra overhang when you do this yoga fat burner arms workout! This video, which is from my membership area, starts out with a warmup, then we move into cardio and do some arm work - work the triceps to help get rid of that upper arm jiggle! Then we end with a wonderful yoga segment - we will do Warrior, Pose of the Dancer and more. All to get that nice, long stretch and to help your body stay flexible and lean.

And the cardio is so good for your heart health - it's Cardio Month all throughout February here on my site! If you missed any of my other cardio workouts from this month you can watch them right here:

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I hope you like this 20-minute Yoga Fat Burner Workout - it will get your heart rate going, help firm up those arms, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. You can do it - you ARE WORTH IT!!!

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!!


Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Denise Austin and welcome to fit and lite. Today we're going to target our arms our chest, our shoulders, upper back, a fabulous workout with weights. We're exercising from the beautiful red mountain spa in St George, Utah. Welcome to a fabulous workout. Good morning. Let's begin starting with some yoga going right into fat burners and today we're going to work out with weights to from our upper body. Then we'll finish it up with a wonderful stretches of yoga, some wonderful ways to relax you, yet leave you feeling refreshed for the day recharged. You are ready to take on a day. That's it. Okay. Let's begin with sun salutations. 12 simple exercises, a sequence, a routine, and take a deep breath. Inhale, stretch up, stretch up and over and swan dive forward. Reach your fingertips to the toes, to the floor and lunge back, stretching out your legs. Hold that stretch, and now hold a plank pose.

Tighten up your tummy. Now slowly go down on your knees to your chest, all the way up to hold that stretch, stretch back, curl your toes under, lift your hips up and push away into downward facing dog. Oh, how does that feel this morning? Feels great, doesn't it? That first one to always you're a little stiffer. That's okay. That's normal at. Bring one leg through and now slowly stand up. Nice and tall. Mountain pose and release can. Let's go a little faster now. Inhale up, flow down, exhale down. Inhale, lunge. Exhale, plank. Inhale down, push up and press away to downward facing dog. Press away. Get your tailbone up to the ceiling. Try to press the heels slightly towards the floor. Bring your light the room and stand up nice and tall. Spreadsheet, elongating your spine and release. Great. Stretch that. Stretched the legs now. Wonderful Warrior.

That's great. Now do you feel the blood circulating? Feeling better. That's it. Working those muscles. Smile. I have a wonderful workout plan for you today. You're going to feel great, especially when we're done. Good and stretch up and back. Get deeper into the stretch. That's it. Feel the length of your spine. Wake up that spine. Great. Gets the whole body going and release, but switch to the other side. Turn and lunge into a beautiful Warrior. Hold that stretch. Try to get deeper into the stretch. The back leg is straight your lengthening the fingertips through the body. That's great. Hold that stretch. Also, think about what's in your kitchen cabinets today. That's my focus for you. Look in that refrigerator. Try to bring home healthy foods. That's right. It's not in that refrigerator cupboard. The junk food. You won't eat it and slowly come up, bring your legs together, jump together and circle, stretching out your ankles, your knees, the ligaments. Go get your shoes on. I'll be right back with that burners.

Are you ready to burn fat? Well, let's get started. We want to burn as many calories as we can for every second we spend together. So let's begin. We're going to move it to the side. Ready side, good work. That body, that's it. Cardiovascular workouts, fight heart disease, so many great benefits. You get interference, you get stamina. You feel better that you sleep better as long as you're doing some form of aerobics everyday. Good. Bring up the arms and bring them back down. That's it. Beautiful. Isn't it pretty behind me for near National Zion Park. That's right. Smile. We're going to burn calories. Burn that butter. Yeah. Good. Last one in your arms to the other side.

Good. forward. Keep going. Come on. You could do it here. A couple of tips to add into your wonderful refrigerator to make healthy foods. First of all, Romaine and spinach. Lettuce has so much more vitamins and nutrients than regular ice berg lettuce. Okay. More potassium. Yes, so choose Romaine or spinach if you make your salad sandwiches ready? Okay, great. Two more, right? Like this last one. Bring it over. Good. Use your legs. That's it. How long you could do it? Two more. Just like that. Stay right down there. Great. Now hold it right here and stretch it out. Stretch it out.

Just stretch it out. Good. Work the waistline to. Where's that body for that, tummy? Two more. Last one. lift it up arms overhead. That's great. Good. Always have oranges on hand. It's great for vitamin c gives you energy or orange juice in that refrigerator. Two more like that. Last one. Let's get those legs up. Hold your knees. Come on, we'll work goes size. That's it. Good. Now, twist, twist, grow rate for the tummy, for that tummy. Waistline workouts. Come on, get those knees up higher. Pull in your abs now. Tighten that tummy. Zip Up those abs. Yes, good to our lift. Good. Kick the legs down, side to side or the leg. Work in the cardiovascular system. The heart. Your heart is a muscle just like your bicep muscles. Have to keep them in good condition, especially the heart. Good. Keep it moving and throughout the day, try to get out of your chair as often as you can.

The more times you stand up and move. The more calories you burn, in the course of a day, always think about ways to burn calories throughout the day. That's it. Good. Even while I'm talking on the telephone, I'm walking around, I do leg squats. Yes. Good leg exercises. Anytime you can. We got two more. Last one side to side side and get down there. Come on, we're good. Legs. Work beyond excellent for stamina to get the energy going. Get the oxygen flowing. That's how you burn calories. Inhale, exhale, great side to side bend at the waist line. Great for that. waist, good slim and trim. We're all trying to burn some extra calories, so get lower. How low can you go? Touchdown? Yes, that's it. Make an effective. Get lower. Come on. Really use those muscles. Get down there. They'll burn calories at a quicker rate. That's a good tie design. Really bend the waist line while you're doing aerobics. I love it, twice the workout in half the time. Moving. Great. Good. Keep going. I'll be right back. I'll get your weights for upper body workout. Shape our arms.

Let's workout with weights to from our arms, our chest, our shoulders and upper back. Let's get started with the way. hold one in each hand. We're going to firm up the muscles of your upper back to help improve our posture. That's right. Also to help work that area where we all need extra help. no more bra overhang area. Now remember to keep your back straight, keep your ab muscles tight and really try your best today. Have a great workout with weight. Give it your own. Really feel it elbows up and back. Think about good posture. Always back is nice and long. Good quality. Exercising quality over quantity is so important. It's much more effective when you're doing that right? Actually, we've got two more. The last one. Hold it up. Hold it up. Wonderful, and now slowly lift and release. Now we're targeting the back of our arms. The tricep muscle. Yes, the area a lot of us need extra help. You want to know why? It's very, very common. This is an area that doesn't get used very often in the tricep muscles, one of the most underused muscles in the body. We use the front of our arms, but rarely target the back of our arms. That's why this exercise is so effective. You've got to do it. It's really not fair. So when we waved goodbye, nothing will jiggle. You'll be nice and firm tone. That's what we want. Sculpted, defined.

That's what it's all about. Getting the best shape of your life. Say to yourself today. I'm going to do it and get those weights right now. Just do it. Come on along with me. Last one. Older it there. Oh, okay. Shake it out. Woo, baby. I felt that one. Good. Okay. Shoulder press was high up. Come back down and up, and jam was working. The shoulder muscles, this is called the deltoid muscle that shapes your shoulders. Another great way to improve posture. Posture tells a lot about somebody. Shows competence. That's right. If your shoulders are slumped forward, can look sad, depressed. What if you have a nice straight back? Good posture. Looks good. Walk into a room with competence. Good posture. Okay. You'll feel better. Plus it looks better. You know why you feel you've lost five pounds by just standing up tall? Good. We've got a couple more. Really feel it last one. This time we hold it out there. Hold it up and slowly bring you down slowly using your muscles of your arms, your chest, your shoulders. Great. And now slowly placing your hands right here. Bring it out. And this is now working the rotator cuff. This is a shoulder muscle. It really needs to be strengthened as we bang. That's it. It opens up the chest crate. So important for your shoulders. Don't get keeping those muscles around the shoulder girdle. So important for good health.

You can play sports, you could play tennis, we could go all the things that you shoulder strain, throw a ball with your kids, have good shoulders. That's it. This is the exercise. That straightens it's called the rotator cuff, which is actually the muscles that are surrounding shoulder girdle. That's the muscle we're working right now. It's a very small muscle that it's a muscle that gets weakened very easily. So it's all about prevention. This is just like physical therapy at last one. Hold it out there. Wonderful and release. Just release it. Let's work on the chest muscles. What we're gonna do is bring your arms in front and pull back and pull back. That's great. Excellent. Good. Work those chest to help burn them up. That area. You could do it a little bust lift. Naturally natural. Come on, you can do it. Let the muscle work for you. That's right. You've got muscle underneath here or get. Keep it firmed up. That's it.

Also, I wanted to tell you, when you go grocery shopping, I want you to always make sure you're checking the labels especially on packaged foods. This is what to look out for. Don't buy anything that says partially hydrogenated oils. Any kind, if it's partially hydrogenated fats, trans fats, okay. The worst for you clogs up those arteries. Harden dissipate in the body. Okay, so make sure you have good fats. The good fats come from fish, flax seed, olive oil. good, good nuts. Avocados, fast one and release. Beautiful. And let's do some beautiful arm exercises. Bicep curls or simple but very effective. They help shape and define your arms. Partially hydrogenated oil started in 1975. to keep the shelf life of package foods like crackers, things like that. So right now I want you to every day check those labels.

Keep going. I'll be right back for yoga.

Welcome back to the beautiful red mountain spa. Let's begin our practice together. Yoga, starting with pose of the dancer will hold the inside of your foot. Bring your arm out straight in front of you, and now slowly lift the leg as you reach forward, feeling the stretch and also the toning up your leg that you're standing on. That's why I love Yoga, stretch and tone, muscles all at the same time. Practice your balance. Hold, hold. Do the best you can remember. You can always use a chair or wall to help you hold a balance and support yourself. Stretching the leg is important. Oh, can release. Try with the other leg. Every leg is different. Each one you'll feel a difference. Don't worry, it's normal and slowly lift up. That's it. Doing the best that you can. Hold the position.

Feel the length through the body, stretch it higher. Give it a whirl. Give it a try. Okay. I'm relaxed and slowly come up to tree pose. We're going to do a lot balancing poses. It's good for agility, for balance. You can do it. Holds your body upright, smile, and now slowly bring your arms overhead, stretching up the spine, giving space between each bird brand. Lift it more higher. Great. It's good for the spine and release. Let's try it with the other leg. You could go very high up. You're heel can go up to here. That's even better. Hold Your Body Upright. Open the knee up there to open up through the hips. That's it. And slowly raise your arms overhead and balance your two minute. Great peace of mind. That's what it's all about. That's right. Hold it upright, stretch higher, late in the spine, good body alignment and release. Wonderful, and let's go into triangle pose. Turning your toe out, reaching your arms all the way. Keep stretching. Keep the flow through the body. Fluid it smooth. It's easy on your body. That's it. That's just stretch. Can you open up the chest here, opened up through the hips. Feel the reach. Feel your stretch. Feel so good, very smooth and easy on the body, and now slowly twist the body in turn and now slowly bring your hands all the way down.

Feel a stretch. Walk your hands behind you and hold down and walk slowly forward. Bends your knee all the way up to exalted warrior. Hold that body upright, squeeze the buttocks behind you. That's it. Stretch lift up. You've got it. Hold it, and release and turn to the other side. Let's begin on triangle all the way out to the side now and lift your arm up. Open up your hips, open up the chest. That's it. Great, and turn your body and lunge down. Hold that lunge. Great, and now lift up. Keep stretching. I'll be right back.

We had a wonderful workout together. You should feel proud of yourself. That wonderful feeling of self accomplishment, success. You're on your way to losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life. Now let's make sure you're eating right to check out that refrigerator, make sure it's stocked up with lots of good fruits and veggies. It's all good for you. And inside that kitchen cabinet should be healthy foods. Whole grains. Check out those labels, eat healthy each and every day and you'll feel, oh, so much better. Stretch and tone throughout the day. If you can't get out of that chair as often as possible to really burn more calories in, of course of the day, so by the end of the day, you burn lots of calories.