December Wake Up Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Welcome to my December Wake Up Workout! This workout is just five minutes long, and a GREAT way to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season!! I love to start the day with some form of movement, and this is a wonderful way to wake up, feel great, and go forth with a positive attitude and healthy outlook! It's all about taking care of your self today - and every day during the holiday season! Self care so you can enjoy the holidays and all it offers. It's only five minutes so make the time to do this December Wake Up Workout with me each day. this month!!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to your December Wake Up Workout. Yes, it's the holidays. It's time to de stress. So let's take a deep breath together. Breathe in the oxygen and exhale. This is a very stressful hustle, bustle time. So you need these five minutes to take good care of yourself. Okay, let's just relax our shoulders. No more shoulder tension. Just relax. Circle up in a round circle all the way around now like you're pulling your body up. That's it. This opens up the chest. Get you the oxygen through the lungs. Inhale and exhale. And now circle real big. Stretch the body, every muscle to bend, stretching, elongation, and twist side to side for the waistline. This is also great for your back. Great circulation. That's what helps heal the body. Less stress, less tension when you're circulating oxygen to the muscles. That's it. Last one. And let's stretch it out.

Feel the stretch in your thighs. Did you? A lot of us women hold tension in our hips. So here's a great stretch. Stretch your hamstrings and shift your weight back. Placing your hands on your thighs are great support. Lengthen your spine. Your spine is your life line. Keep it healthy, strong and let's stretch to the other side. Stretch it out first with a little lunge, switching up your legs, thigh muscle, stretch it out, and then shift your weight. Feel tension rushing around yourself. And now just stretch your back out. Stretch back out and reach your fingertips to the ground. Relax your neck muscles. Just let everything hang like a ragdoll. Bending your knees, elongate your spine, that's it. Oh, the hips, the sides of the waistline and the other side feels so good. Stretching your body. So important really helps your muscles.

Stress, retention. Wonderful. And now let's stretch the leg forward. I love this stretch chest and bring this arm up and now look up at it. Now you're rotating through the hips, so great for your hips, your thighs, your waistline, all that stretch and release and just bring the other leg and stretch all the way up, all the way up to the stretch, making sure and now slowly bring together and sit in the chair and your toes too, because the way you pull in your tummy, tighten up that, tiny it up there. Lift up the spine, reach out. That's it behind you. Squeeze your buttocks to tighten up that tushie and come all the way down. Beautiful. One more time. Enjoy the day. Love you guys. Inhale and exhale. Have a wonderful day.