Do This 15-Minute Heart Healthy Workout!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
We all know how important it is to keep our heart healthy, so try this 15-minute heart healthy workout series! These three videos are just 5 minutes each, and cover all the bases of heart healthy fitness: Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretching! These are all heart healthy exercises you should be doing regularly, for a strong, robust cardiovascular system!

That's why I created these short yet effective workouts - you can always take five minutes to squeeze in a little movement, and they can also act as building blocks. Do all three in a row for a continuous 15 minutes of exercise; do each two times in a row for 30 minutes, or do the series then repeat, for 30 minutes of a whole body, heart healthy workout. If you are really feeling up to it, repeat the series for 3 or 4 times, for a 45- or 60-minute workout!

You can also focus on just one workout, and tack it onto your existing workout routine. For instance, if you are already planning a 30-minute walk, why not do the Stretching Workout first, and then perhaps the Strength Training workout afterwards? It's just an extra 10 minutes total, and it will really go a long way in your quest for a healthy heart! I do the same thing in my Plan - you can mix and match different lengths of workouts to fit YOUR schedule, or you can let me guide the way with my suggested workout plan. Or do both! Any way you do it means you giving back to your body, creating a healthy body and heart - so good for you!

Heart Healthy Strength Training Workout

Grab a pair of light weights and lets strengthen our muscles - including our heart muscle!

Heart Healthy Cardio Workout

Get your heart pumping and burn some calories with this effective, quick cardio workout!

Heart Healthy Total Body Toner Workout

Tone up your body and elevate your heart rate - a healthy all-around workout!

So add these 5-minute workouts to your routine, and help keep your heart health on the right path. And don't forget to follow a healthy diet (my membership gives you access to a customizable meal plan with heart healthy recipes - plus dozens of heart healthy workouts!) and a heart healthy lifestyle that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Everyone should focus on a healthy heart, so let's start today - no excuses! Your heart is worth it!!

Every little but counts! You can do it - so do it with me!!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,


Video Script: Heart Healthy Strength Training Workout

Welcome to your strength training workout. Five minutes, get out some weights and let's get started. The first exercise is for the back of those arms, the triceps. This is one of the best ways to firm up those arms. Yes, sexy shapely, toned arms. Strength training is so important for all of us, especially as we age. You need those muscle cells to keep you young and vibrant and also to help burn those calories. Okay. What we're gonna do is just add a little tap. Now, just add a little tap, add a little workout there. Okay? Just have it out, but keep those muscles working in the arms. It's all about target toning. That's it. Got two more. Last one, we hold it up now. Little pulses up. Face the weight up towards you. That's it. Up to the ceiling and think about good posture.

Always good posture. So the exercise is done correctly with the perfect form. That's two last one. Beautiful. Okay. Now bicep curls add. Just add a little lunch side aside, working more than one, just muscle group working two areas of the body. Double the workout in half the time. You got five minutes. Grab those weights and join me for a great straight training workout. Thinking about good, strong arms, bicep curls. Yes, you could do it. Two more. I love to reach out full range of motion. Last one. Great. Now we do overhead presses. Strengthen the upper shoulders. Your upper back, pull down. That's it. Shift your weight side to side so you're engaging the abs. You're working the dyes and buttocks. That's it. Press. Come on, you can do it. Two more. Last one. Okay, now we hold it right here. Baby pulses up and down.

Lift. Hold it up. Great. Shoulder shaper, great for posture. Pull your abs in. Think strong backs stomach in working all the major muscle groups of the body. We got two more here. Last one. Now we hold it up. Now you pull it behind you and you pull. Pull. Notice I'm pulling. It's great for posture. Upper back, strengthener. Good pool. Really feel it. Stomach is in back is strong and straight. You're working through the upper back muscles. That's it. Paul. Great. Pull in last two. Great. Now put it all together. Bring it to here for the chest, up for the shoulders, back down. Turn it out and really pull back. That's it. Do it again. Pull it up, shape the shoulders, pull it out together if you can for the chest. That's it, and I'll pull it one last time. Pool. You got it. Great. Pull it in.

Excellent. Two more. You got it. Last one. Okay. Come on down. We're going to do a little chest press lie on your back and we're going to elevate our feet and as we do this, you're going to tap and open up your chest. That's it tap. So you're working your abs, flatten your belly and you're working your chest muscles like a chest fly. That's it. Beautiful. Tap it out. Notice how nice and controlled the tap is to the toes, to the floor so the AB muscles are engaged and you're working through the tummy, especially the lower tummy. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Lift your hips up. Hold your hips up. Now keeping your buttocks in action there. Your back of your thighs. That's it. We're going to take it down and lift up. Take it down. We're working the back of the arms and the buttock muscles.

Also the hamstrings, the back of your thighs. That's it. Let's add a little lift. We take it down, we squeeze up. Take it down. Squeeze your buttocks at the top. That's zipped progress. Good. And press up. Squeeze the buttocks. We got two more of these. They work the upper body and lower body at the same time. Last one. Great. And now with the weights, I want you to push it side to side for your abs. Push it. That's it. Just reach out using your AB muscles. Flatten that belly. Great. Worked out good. Really push it. Two more. Just like that last one. And relax. Let's roll all the web. Let me see your beautiful, happy, smiling face. Take a deep breath together. Bring in the oxygen and exhale out. Strong body. Strong minds because you are worth it. Keep it up.

Video Script: Heart Healthy Cardio Workout

Are you ready to blast fat? Burn some calories. Then let's get started to do a little cardio. A kicking cardio. That's right. Just do the best you can. We're going to move. We're going to burn some calories. That's it. It only five minutes, but guess what? You could still blast that metabolism. That's it boosted up. So just move those muscles. You'll feel better too. That's it. Just go side to side. Really use your muscles. That's it. Good and have fun. That's the whole idea. Good. Nonstop cardio right now. You can't stop. You can do it. Just I, I get moving. Good. We've got two more here. Last one. Good. Now work at side to side. Just side to side. Go use your arms. Use your legs. Every major muscle. Work in at the same time. Yes. Good. Now heel lift. God healed to the buttock like a hamstring pull.

That's it. Your heel kick. Good. This reshapes the back of those thighs. Beautiful. We can do it. Good now. Arms go overhead here. Pull it down and that's it. That's great. Make sure your backseat straight right here. Okay. Keep it straight. Hit your heart rate up. Great for that heart condition. The heart, just like your bicep. Got to work it out. Good. Two more. Last one. Step up front in front to feel taps. That's it. To do what you can. If at any time you feel tired, just walk in place, you're still getting your cardio up. Okay. All right. Lift your arms. Move those muscles. You got it. Smile. We're going to burn a little calories. Burn some fat. Boost that metabolism. Get some energy, stamina, endurance. We all need it. Yes. Two more. Last one. Notice. Kick it out. Kick it out. Stomach is in. Your back is strong and straight and you're kicking it out. Good. Great. Thinking about good posture. Breathe out.

That's it. Over-exaggerate the exhale that gets everything moving quicker. That's it. Great. We've got two more of these. Last one. Okay. Step side to side. Just step and step the arms. The more you work the arms, the more calories you burn. For every second you spend boosting up that metabolism. You got to work more muscle groups, so as soon as the arms are in action, gets that heart rate going and that's what we want right now. Good. Don't is. It's all low impact, easy on the joints, but we're moving and what I want for you. Good. Two more. Just like that. That's one. Good. Now we go forward and back. We go forward and back. Just move those bodies. Yes. Great. Cardio is so important to get in at least a couple times a week. I love to do cardio about three days a week.

That's it. Have a little walk to this and you got in your steps. Yes. Two more. Last one on the side. Okay. Shift your weight. Let's go the other side. Now bringing in front and behind front. Use your muscles. If you could kind of change the levels that works. More calories, burns more muscles. Really works it out. Good. Gets the oxygen flowing. That's what it's all about. Oxygen. It was energy. Getting the oxygen. Those muscles will give you the energy you need to feel good. That's it to be hard, healthy, always good. Couple this with healthy need and you're on your way. Two more. Last one. Good. Now we hold it right here. Now knees come up. I want to see you. Strong backs. That's it. Pick up those knees. That's great. Stomach is in back is strong and straight and hands behind you. Let the legs do the work.

It's a little harder. Good. You can do it. Two more. Just like that. Add a little twist and twist. Good. Let me see you. Come on. Get those legs up. Get it going and twists. Great for the waistline too. Great. Pull the belly button into the spine. You got it. Two more. Last one. Good, and inhale up. Exhale out if beautiful. Again, inhale up and exhale out. Let's stretch out those legs. You did it. Stretch your calves. Stretch your hamstrings, proud of you person calories boosted your metabolism. You could do that in just five minutes if you work this hard. That's right. If you give it all, you got 110% and take a deep breath together. Strong body, strong minds because you are worth it. Have a great day. You did it.

Video Script: Heart Healthy Total Body Toner

Welcome to your total body toner. Let's begin working those muscles from head to toe from and tone and shape. That's it. And sculpt. You can do it. It's only five minutes, but you will feel great after you're done. It's a wonderful way to really get toned shaped. You don't even need weights, no equipment needed, just you. That's it. And your motivation and I'm here for you. That's it. Five minute. You got it. Two more. Just warming up the body. Last one and let's twist side to side. Great for that tummy. Good for the waistline. That's it. And it shapes your legs too. So reach down at twist. That's it. Great for the waist. Two more. You can do it now. Last one, go a little further. Can you reach lower? Really good. Stretch and tone. You've got it. Two more. Last one. Okay, let's turn to the side.

Let's stand up. Nice and tall and go down and up. Great. Thy toner, now we're focusing on the lower body. Great. Thinking about good posture, quality over quantity, keeping your body in nice, strong, stretched. That's great. Two more. Last one. Now. Hold it right there. Stretch forward. Feel that late through the spine. Hold it and lift up. Hold, hold, stretch, tone your legs and let's go the other side. Take it down and up in a nice, comfortable lunge. Okay? Make sure you're strong. Your back is straight. Stomach is in. You've got it. Firming those legs. Good. Two more. Lift up. Last one and hold it forward. Stretch it out and lift it back up. Use your thighs, measures thighs. That's it. Stretch it out. Wonderful. Now it's time to get down. Let's go to our plate position. Hold the plank in a nice, wrong way.

Your back is straight. Your neck is long, your abs are pulled in. You're squeezing your buttocks and you're really tightening up the tummy. Now as you hold the plank, pull your knees into the chest and out into the chest that's working that lower tummy. Come on, you can do it really strong body, strong mind because you are worth it. That's it. Two more. Last one. Oh, okay. Let's take it all the way up. Stretch the arm all the way up. Hold it up there and lift the legs. Middle baby circles, great for your hips, your thighs, and your buttocks. This also works your apps, the sides of the waistline. Circle right here. Circle your legs. That's it. Hold it up. Strong bodies. That's it. Laban, and strengthen. Hold it up there. Hold it up. Stretch it out now and hold the stretch. We're strengthening and we're stretching all at the same time.

Great. Let's go to the other side. Thinking about good posture. Lift your arm all the way up. Now hold your leg up there. Point your toes, stretch your legs out and little baby circles. Little baby circles all the way around. That's it. Great. Control it and your abs. Strong abs. You got it. Great. Two more. You can do it. Last one. Hold it up. Hold it up. Stretch it out. And stretch. Total body stretch. Here we are. Great. Okay. Come all the way down. Bring your knees to your chest. Right here. We're going to go side to side for our tummy side. Decide that fit. The more you lift your chest, the better the workout. Now are you going to lift your feet off? Little harder. Come on. You could do it. Great. Great for those abs. It's about target toning. Yes. We got two more.

Last one, and release. Now roll all the way back and lift up your hips and hold it up. They're great for the buttocks. Lift. Add that lift and squeeze your buttocks. Tighten that tushy look great from behind. If you don't squeeze it, no one else will. We got lips. Come on. Two more. That's it. You can do it. Last one. We hold it up there. Now bring your feet together. Squeeze your inner thighs together. That's it. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Hold it up there. You're doing great. I brought to you. Oh, okay. Come all the way down. Bring your knees to your chest. Elevate your feet. That's it. Hold your feet up and just bring one leg and then the other. That's it. Two more. You can do it last one and release and there you have a fabulous way to total tone the body.