Fall Fitness Freebie Challenge: Butt And Thighs

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
October 9, 2018

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my second Fall Fitness Freebie Challenge! Today we are toning our butt and thighs! Really target toning our lower half to make it our better half! So get ready to FIRM up your butt and TRIM down your thighs!

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I'm SO PROUD of all of you. Staying healthy and fit takes dedication, and showing up with me here every Tuesday for your Fall Fitness Freebie workout is a great step in the right direction. GREAT JOB!

And if you missed my first Fall Fitness Freebie workout, Total Body Toning, get it here!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out!


Fall Fitness Freebie Challenge: Butt And Thighs Video Script

Welcome Everybody! I'm so happy you're here. Happy day! Now it's time to target tone the lower half, our booty, we're gonna lift and target tone that rear end to lift it and firm it up. So let's get started. One of the best exercises is a squat that really works to target tone, that rear end. That's it. You remember your rear end is the last thing that leaves a room, so make sure it's a great lasting impression. Now as you go down, notice I'm only going halfway, so important to protect those knees. I'm feeling as though I'm sitting way back, the wages through my heels. That's it. Sit back there and as you come up, it's all about the squeeze, the buttocks. If you don't squeeze it, no one else will! So come on, we're going to affirm it and tone and shape it. You look great in your jeans!

That's right. Get fit for Fall. We got it right here with your Fall Freebies. We got two more, last one and now hold it down. Hold it there. Hold it there. Now, for those of you that have bad knees only go halfway. Little mini squats are just as good, but squeeze the bottom. Now we do little pulses. Use your buttock muscles. That's it. Did you know they're the largest muscles in the whole body, so use it to lift it, to tone it, last one, and release. Beautiful. Now we're going to do one leg, so come down onto one leg and push back up. It's a sit, and it's a push back up. Really feel it. That cheek right back here. Really target tone and shape it. Toned it, burn it up. were gonna lift those bottoms, that's it. Target. Tone your booty. We got two more. Last one and just switch legs.

Sit back. Notice I'm driving my weight through this heel, lift it up. That's it. Really pull it up and this foot is just here for balance. It's all target toning. This side of the cheek. That's it. Given that beautiful shape to your bottom. Give it a nice contour and lift. Beautiful. We got two more, really sit back way back there. Way back there. Last one girl. Great. Okay. Legs apart. And we're just gonna take it down, an elevate it back up. This is good for the legs and the butt. Giving that beautiful definition between the leg and that rear end. Looking great from behind. That's it. Really think about good postures, your back strong and straight. That's it. That's where I want you to be. Last one. Good, hold it there. Hold it there. Now squeeze the butt, tighten that tushie. It's all nice and tight.

Target tone those muscles and lift back up and simply just switch legs to get down and squeeze back up. It's all here. We're really reshaping that backside. That's it. Really think about good postures. Your stomach in. Think good straight backs. Keep it strong. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy. Keep it strong. We got one for next one. We stayed down there. Now squeeze. Squeeze target tone that rear. Hold it there. Tighten. Isometric hold. They work, they work and push back up. Wonderful. Now all I want you to do is lean slightly forward and lift the leg behind you. That's it. Just lift the leg behind you. You can use a chair or the wall, whatever you have in your home to balance yourself, but right now it's all the focus is to target tone back there. That's where I want to see a difference for you and you will see it.

All of my exercises are for you so you can work out in the privacy of your own home. If you join my plan, I have a monthly plan. You could have access to all my hundreds of workouts, new ones, and my old TV shows, that you will love. Last one, and over. I also have a 10-week plan that is directly positioned for you. Every day I give you a daily workout, daily meal plan, and great inspiration. Two more. Come on, lift that bottom bottoms up shape and tone. Look great in your clothes. Look good in those beautiful fall fashions. Yes, lift one more time. Great. You can do it. Squeeze that rear in! Great! Oh, okay. And come all the way down. Come to your hands and knees, placing your back, nice and strong and straight and let's get the heel up and baby pulses up. This is now giving beautiful shape to your bottom, lift that rear end, gluteus maximus and Gluteus minimus.

We will shape it. Really give your body some nice contours, some beautiful shape. That's it push the heel up. Come on, push it up there, push it up, your back strong and straight. Don't let your tummy droop down. We all have a tendency to do that in our tummy, but suck it up. Suck it in, so all zip up those abs corset abs. Come on, last one, and straighten the leg now. Now drop down to your elbows to protect this low spine and lift the leg and lower. Really squeeze as you lift and think about just the movement. The focus is on the back of your thighs. No more cellulite and that rear end. I love this exercise. I see a huge difference in the shape. It gives beautiful shape and as we age we don't want anything to droop. We're lifting that, but last one, hold it up, up, up, up, hold it up.

Beautiful. Hold and release. Okay. Simply switch sides. All you have to do it. Lift the heel up first. You're hands are nice and strong with the Armstrong. Notice that my shoulders in line with my wrist, very important. The back is straight and you're lifting and releasing. Squeeze it and release. Notice my neck is long. I'm not arching my low spine. It's all in the muscle. Make the muscle, do the work, not momentum. So you get a hundred and 10 percent out of this exercise. I want to give you short, quick exercises that make a world of difference in the shape of your body. So each Saturday go to my blog and have this new free Saturday workout all during the fault and weeks and every week I focus on a different body spot or a different type of workout. Okay, we got one more beautiful.

Now lengthen the leg and drop down to your elbows. Suck in the gut. It's all about the tummy to here and down. Lift and down. Remember, keep your abs strong, squeeze your butt lift in tone. That rear end, it's about shape. You can reshape that rear end through targeted stretches and toning exercises like this. Good. If you want my full 30 minute workouts, go to my website and you will see my monthly plan where my 10-week plan that I am truly your personal trainer. I give you what to eat, how to move, and how to think. We have one more hold, hold, and release. Okay, everybody come down to your backs. We're going to lift up our rear and this is a bridge. This is now working. The buttocks and the back of your thighs. You're just going to do pelvic tilts up and squeezes and squeezes.

Great. These are tried and true proven exercises that truly work. Very effective because you're using all the muscles of your bottom half to really make it your better half and I promise you you will. These rear ends can be lifted each cheek. Now we do cheek to cheek it side and it side, so it's a little dance with their hips. Hip lift up. That's it.

Stomach is in. Flatten out that belly. Always think about squeezing that bottom. Squeeze it, Trim hips, lift up. We've got two more. Last one, okay. Now inner thigh squeezes. Now what you do is squeeze your inner thighs together, take it down, squeeze back up. Notice my, my knees are really glued together, my feet are glued together and now I feel in the inner thighs. This also shapes the bottom. This will give you beautiful, sexy bottoms. That's it. We got two more. We got one more. Last one. Hold it up. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Isymmetrical hold, those work and release. Okay, now slowly come up. Let's just stretch out those quads, those hamstrings. The buttocks. That's it. Oh, can you feel that? Feels so good. Okay. Let's switch to the other side. Whew. I'm sweating. I hope you are. I keep the door shut, so the music, you could hear the music and not worry about what's outside. Good. And last one. Hold it. Hold it. And release. And he can. Nice. Cleansing breath. Bring it in and. Oh beautiful. I'm so happy. Worked out with me. Have a great week and I'll see you next week, right here on my blog. Bye. Bye.

Let's get fitter together - inside and out!